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  • Well, my babies are 3 and 10, so not really ‘babies’. But they are raw/vegan most of the time. (can’t attest to time spent with grandma & dad)
    in raw babies Comment by raw_mama
  • Hmm, I have had several big, yet different, emotional traumas in my life, starting with the passing of my mom when I was three. I wonder if this would help? I will definitley look into it. Thanks for all the info guys!
  • lol…no, going for a long weekend with the girls and really want to 1. stick to my diet & 2. introduce my friends to some raw foods. (they all think I’m crazy eating fruits & veggies)
    in South Beach... Comment by raw_mama
  • I’m on hour 22 of my fast. And I’m dreaming of the worst foods ever!! This is SO hard! How are you guys hanging in?
  • I struggle with the same binge eating. It seems I crave FAT!! Raw or cooked. I always feel disgusting afterwards and I hate myself even more. I’ve gained 20lbs and cannot get rid of it, even though I’m mostly raw. I’ll have one good day to my three …
  • I just did my first hot Bikram ever and absolutely loved it!! I plan to join the studio and keep it up 5 days a week. Highly recommended.
    in Bikram's HOT yoga Comment by raw_mama
  • I'm an electrologist and I can tell you it's the ONLY permanent form of hair removal. Laser CAN work, but ONLY on dark, anagen hair on light skin. So, no good for blonde or grey hair, or dark complexions. Also, if you shave, wax, or pluck, you are o…
  • Freesia~ I tried a three day water fast and I was literally watching the clock for the 24 hour mark so I could eat! I just couldn’t get through it. I was lying in bed most of that time feeling pretty horrible. I just don’t have the time or lifestyle…
  • AKAAuburnEyes~ Do you know where I could find that book? I’ve looked on Amazon & nothing. I love Doug Graham & I definitely need advice on what to eat/drink to stay fueled for runs. I’m planning to run a 10 miler at the end of April & I’…
    in Raw Athletes? Comment by raw_mama
  • You can try www.live-live.com, they’ve got a few different models.
    in Vitamix!! Comment by raw_mama
  • Yep, nearly every night we’ll have banana ice cream. Just frozen bananas & whatever flavor we are feeling thrown into the VitaMix. A couple dates & cacao or some mint & a touch of agave, or some frozen blueberries. The possibilities are …
  • Yummm…a long time ago I got an already prepared lentil burger from Whole Foods that was delicious!!! I’d love to re-create it raw, so I’ll let you know what I come up with. I’m thinking maybe sprouted lentils, quinoa, and some different veggies and/…
    in BURGER IDEAS Comment by raw_mama
  • I take the powder if I’m making a smoothie and pill if not. I’m not sure the pill dosage, but I’ve just been taking one. The powder I’ll do about a teaspoon.
    in MSM questions Comment by raw_mama
  • I started taking it because I have arthritis in my wrist and I’m a runner with weak knees. It took awhile, but I noticed a big improvement in my nails. I think I’m going to up my dosage for a bit & see what happens. I currently only take two sma…
    in MSM questions Comment by raw_mama
  • Yes, it would be nice if people would rate recipes only after trying them. It seems they either all have 5 stars or none at all. How do we distinguish?
    in Recipe ratings Comment by raw_mama
  • Personally I LOVE Dr. Grahams book!! It makes absolute perfect sense to me. I haven’t gotten there yet, but that’s my ultimate goal & I work on it every day. I’m definitely not one of those people who realize the immense benefits of raw foods an…
    in 80/10/10 Comment by raw_mama
  • I agree with Sue, if that’s the only non-raw thing in your diet CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That being said, I have been a heavy coffee drinker since I was 12! Lately, I’ve been finding that I just don’t really want it. (very strange for me) I’ve literally …
  • I have the Saladacco and I can’t stand it. I’m looking for something more consistent and sturdy.
  • I use nutritiondata.com, I really like it. For bee pollen and other items, like tocos, etc. I have to manually enter it in my pantry. I can also add the ingredients in a recipe I make and save it as such. Very convenient. 1700 may be too low if you …
  • Shady Lady- I have and am going through nearly the EXACT same thing as you!! I haven’t had a chance to read all the posts, so I may be repeating, but I’ll give you my best suggestions. I went raw for health reasons, which was around the same time as…
  • Bassling~ It sounds yummy. Be careful of pecans as they are hard to come by raw. I would maybe blend the filling ingredients for a more of a pudding pie & top with strawberries. Yumm, now I’m hungry! But, try it out & taste…that’s the sure w…
  • Juicy- I would love to do the exact same thing and I’ve looked into it pretty extensively. I would look at: http://www.ccnh.edu and http://www.unh-edu.org. Good Luck!!
  • None :( Everyone thinks “I’m crazy” Anyone else in NoVA??
  • 29 & NOT freaked out at all about turning 30!! 30’s the new 20 after all!
    in How old are you? Comment by raw_mama
  • I was just thinking this!! I recently made the Cauliflower Curry with the Sweet Sauce AND Indian Pancakes. There’s no picture for the recipe and it turned out great so I wanted to send it to the author. Unfortunately, it was so good we ate it too fa…
  • Oh that’s scary about the GT’s Kombucha. My kids love it! I am not 100% raw, but even if my food diet was, I still enjoy alcohol. I usually do something social with friends one or two nights a week with friends. My biggest concern is always safety (…
    in Alcohol Comment by raw_mama
  • The China Study is excellent!
    in Hard Evidence Comment by raw_mama
  • Yea, I would say for a quick fix, eat light for the rest of the day & drink some smooth move tea tonight & do a salt water flush in the morning.
    in Detox needed! Comment by raw_mama
  • My son eats it from the spoon, he loves it! But, I don’t like it plain. I put it in every smoothie & I guess I’m just so used to it I don’t notice the flavor.
    in Bee Pollen Comment by raw_mama
  • I sent this video to my dad who responded “I wonder how much of this is in the US”. His typical head in the sand response. I’m not trying to change his eating habits, but maybe make him more aware of his choices. Are there any other sites or info wh…
    in Why I am vegan... Comment by raw_mama