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  • Our rainbarrels are made from 60 gallon recycled food grade plastic barrels that once stored olives or pickled peppers. We added a faucet and overlow valve. Here is a good site that tells how to make one. http://www.naturalrainwater.com/make_rainbar…
    in permaculture? Comment by Barbraw
  • My partner and I are really into permaculture, just having returned from the three week Bullock Brothers Homestead permaculture design course on Orcas Island (Google it for more info). The word was coined by Bill Molleson, a contraction of permanent…
    in permaculture? Comment by Barbraw
  • I recommend the blender. I think smoothies are healthier than juice since you don’t remove the fiber. Besides smoothies, I make soups, cheese, pate, pudding, sorbet—really most everything in my Vitamix.
  • I am so grateful for the support, the information, the encouragement.
    in I love you guys Comment by Barbraw
  • Limelady: The aquarain gravity water filter is a 3 gallon stainless steel container that sits on your kitchen counter. It has 4 ceramic filters inside that removes all the bad stuff, including chlorine. We filter all our drinking water through this …
  • Limelady: we use the Aquarain gravity water filter. See aquarain.com for the specs.
  • Thank you for sharing your story. Sounds like you have gone through a lot and come to a good place for continuing your path toward health. There are lots of good ideas here and if you have specific questions, many thoughtful, knowledgeable folks to …
  • Hi! I pick and eat weeds all the time. Good point, though, that you really need to be careful where you pick. I have 2 acres on an island that I know is pristine—away from traffic fumes and chemical sprays. The best way to learn is to find someone i…
    in Edible Weeds Comment by Barbraw
  • I no longer have asthma. I used to wake up wheezing and had to use an inhaler to get through the night. I no longer take any medication. High blood pressure is gone. I don’t get colds now, I haven’t been sick since I went raw. I feel clear, light, e…
  • I also started out with Natalia Rose’s Raw Detox Diet, then gradually dropped the cooked meal in the evening to go pretty much 100% raw. In 11 months I have lost 61 pounds.
  • On Capt. Kangaroo—remember the Banana Man???!!!
  • Thanks for this thread! There is so much good food that can be grown in our backyards, frontyards, in containers, in the house—all local without transportation that adds to the greenhouse gases. The wonderful thing about gardening is that I know exa…
    in how's your garden? Comment by Barbraw
  • Looks like I’m one of the elders at 56. I feel alive and full of energy. This week I sang for a hospice patient who is 105, so age is all so amazingly relative.
    in How old are you? Comment by Barbraw
  • Oh, and I thought there was something wrong with my wireless connection. Well, I am also glad it is fixed. You are my traveling database of recipes. I will just log onto my mom’s computer when I am visiting her this week to get the recipes and inspi…
  • Awww…..go ahead. How can we refuse?
  • Welcome Wrinkled. I’m glad you found this website. It has been very helpful to me. It can feel overwhelming at first to make such a big change. So take it one step at a time. Adding fresh, organic greens and fruit can make a huge difference. A dehyd…
  • Hi Hippie Chick As you have read in this website, each body is different and comes to excellent health in its own way. I did lose weight going raw—and continue to. Starting May 1, ‘07, I followed Natalia Rose’s Raw Detox Diet ideas (basically raw f…
    in No weight loss? Comment by Barbraw
  • Hang in there lorig—it does get better! I also followed Natalia Rose’s detox diet when I started on this raw journey in May 2007. Each body deals with detox in its own way. I felt cold/flu symptoms every few weeks for several months. I rested, drank…
  • 2007 was an amazing year for me. I started the path of living food, experienced abundant energy, and grew to be a sound healer. My lesson for this year is to deeply pay attention (wake up, be present and aware) to all the components my body, mind an…
  • Oh, what a wonderful surprise I had for Christmas dinner. Like jackiev, my dear non-raw daughter-in-law looked for raw recipes on the internet to add to her turkey dinner so I would have a wonderful time too. She made nori rolls full of shredded car…
  • I send warm wishes of peace and joy to all of you in this amazing raw family. May we each shine in the light as it continues to increase, balancing the darkness. And may we gently spread the lightness of life and raw living to those around us. I ra…
    in Merry Christmas!! Comment by Barbraw
  • Blessings to you. Positive energy, strength and calm to you as your body and baby grows. Thank you for sharing your news and joy.
  • Hi coconut dream…..I have a Masters in Social Work. I have lived and loved music all my life. I call myself a therapeutic musician rather than a music therapist, since I don’t have the music therapy degree. I have specialized in working with people …
  • Therapeutic Musician. I sing and play harp and lyre at the bedside of hospice patients.
  • Ah, my favorite smoothie right now is the juice of 1 lemon, 1 T raw honey, spinach, kale, parsley and a dash of cayenne pepper. So green, so good!
  • Congratulations on your coffee hurdle, mmtol! It feels good. I too drink tea. I consider my medicinal teas as an essential part of my health care. I pick nettles and dry them for a wonderful tea. And I add other medicinals, wildcrafted here on the i…
    in Tea? Comment by Barbraw
  • My all time favorite raw food is salad, a jumble of freshly picked greens, some wild, from my garden. Right now in the cold, dark, rainy time, I have resorted to baby spinach, purple cabbage, and kale topped with ground cauliflower and broccoli, a f…
    in Raw Zest Comment by Barbraw
  • The recipe is sushi “rice” in the recipe database. The comments say that parsnips work. I haven’t tried it, but I plan to.
  • Yah!! Go raw! Thanks for the link. What fun!!
  • Hi Clinton, I’ve eaten at Blooming Lotus, in the Pearl District, not far from Powell’s Books. They have both vegan and raw. I really liked the raw pizza. They also had a raw apple tart that was wonderful.