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  • I love Indian food, but it was waaaaaaay to spicy in India for my taste and I couldn’t taste anything but hot. I couldn’t tell what I was eating cuz it all tasted the same. Spicy! Except for the yummy naan and coconut deserts. Toward the end of my t…
  • I’ve personally not done a liver cleanse, although it’s something I’ve been curious about. There’s a lot of info on the net about it, including some controversy that the galstones that come out are actually coagulated oil. I’d love to see other repl…
    in Liver Cleanse Comment by Carmentina
  • After I got of the initial shock of Mumbai, I slowly started to love India, especially the backwaters of Cochin, Kerala. We rented a houseboat and it was wonderful. We also took canoe trips through rural canals. So clean and peaceful, completely unl…
  • My skin got amazing during any of the master cleanses and fasts I’ve done. That might be a bit extreme for you, but it gives immediate results. Unfortunately they don’t last long after though if you don’t follow it up with a careful diet.
    in acne Comment by Carmentina
  • Buying commercially frozen food is not good because it’s usually cooked prior to packaging. Freezing your own fresh, raw food is a great way to prevent spoilage when you have too much food on hand (all your veggies are ready for picking all at once!…
  • Amen, Dodo! Well put!
  • I, an athiest, find this post offensive. What’s the point of deliberately setting out to break down one’s faith system? Come on guys, really, ever heard of “live and let live?” This is exactly the type of behaviour I complain about in the Athiest st…
  • Hi Carrie, didn’t recognize you cuz of the different pic ;-). I’ll send you an email. I’ve completed the 3 days. Day three I kind of pushed it by going out to lunch with my husband (I didn’t eat) and meeting a friend in town for a walk. I was really…
  • I use coconut oil as a cleanser – rub it on and wipe it off with a cotton ball! Takes of EVERYTHING and no need to moisturize afterwards! I usually just do this in the evening and no need for face cream in the morning.
    in Coconut Oil Comment by Carmentina
  • Sprouted Quinoa is not a favorite of mine. Maybe it’s just tricky, but I do well with other sprouts. Pretty yucky actually.
  • I’d add some ground flax – I often put a tablespoon or 2 into my tea and let it float to the bottom then slurp it up. You can also add it to your smoothies if you don’t like tea. Good luck!
    in Fiber Comment by Carmentina
  • Salt is often classified by how it’s gathered. For example Himalayan is considered a rock salt because it isn’t gathered the sea, it’s mined from rocks, just like a mineral quarry. Rock salt (Halite is the proper term) is formed by ancient sea or la…
    in Salt Comment by Carmentina
  • Himalayan salt, by the way, is NOT sea salt! It comes from quarries in the mountains of the Himalayas. A great sea salt would be Celtic. I disagree that all salt is bad – table salt no doubt. But Hymalayan and Celtic are another thing. Moderation is…
    in Salt Comment by Carmentina
  • The greatest change in my skin was when I went dairy free. Then when I started using oil (olive or coconut) as a cleanser (wipe it off with cotton ball – no need to moisturize in the morning). The Master Cleans also worked wonders, but it didn’t las…
  • Baby wipes – I’ve seen this done so many times here in Italy: parents wipe off most of the poop with the diaper itself, then they take the soiled baby to the bathroom sink and just wash it with warm water and soap. They use Baby Wipes when they’re o…
  • I’ve heard datepeople are good. www.datepeople.com
  • An addition to all the above which I totally agree with – get outdoors into the sunlight (ok, San Fransico sunlight!) get out jogging. Nothing makes you feel better and it’s been shown to work better/or as well as anti-depressants in cases of mild d…
    in Depression Comment by Carmentina
  • I would just avoid cacao – or eat it minimally – cuz large amounts trigger seizures in my twin sister, who’s epileptic. Load up on fruit that can be frozen once ripe (like bananas, berries, etc.). I also forage in the wild and often freeze my harves…
    in Any ideas? Comment by Carmentina
  • I too have a bag of the stuff as well as chlorella and loathe using it for its flavor. Thanks for the tip jennyhelga.
  • Getting a suntan is a great beauty booster. I like putting essential oils on my scalp and on perfume spots (mint, lavendar, orange oil). Oil pulling also whitens teeth (notice how naturally white teeth aren’t white enough anymore? Now everyone’s got…
    in Raw Beauty Comment by Carmentina
  • That’s terrible. Can’t help you but I wish your friend the best of luck.
  • Excellent illustration, Twitch. We let the propaganda have it's way with us.
  • Branwyn32, excellent illustration. When I had my cyst removed I was bordering on committing suicide – nothing could be worse than the pain I was in. Honestly the pain was AGONY and since it happened while I was in Italy, my husband simply drove me t…
  • This whole subject PISSES ME OFF. I’ve been living in Europe for 11 years (1 in France and 10 in Italy) and I’ve had the fortune of enjoying socialized medical care. I’ve been hospitalized a number of times (for epileptic seizures including MRIs, el…
  • I just saw what the naughtyvegan does and it’s very time consuming! Just whack the coconut a number of times with the BLUNT edge of a heavy knife and the meat detaches. Then with the eyes on your right and the coconut in your hand (over a bowl) hit …
  • This guys got some great tips including how to open a coconut. Now, thanks to him I can do it in a minute. http://www.producepicker.com/Home.html By the way, he’s got lot’s of great tips about how to cut things, choose things, etc.
  • http://www.healthy.net/scr/Article.asp?Id=936 Here’s some info on Vitex. Estrogenic foods/herbs:Avoid Coffee, Beer, Sunflower Seeds, Red Clover Tea, Camomille Tea. Avoid Sunflower seeds, Pomegranate, Licorice, Red Clover, Yucca, Hops (Beer) and Moth…
    in Fibroids! Help? Comment by Carmentina
  • Look into Vitex tincture(chasteberry). Fibroids are sometimes due to excessive estrogen, so concentrate on eliminating estrogenic foods and exposure to plastic (which is a xenoestrogen and mimics estrogen). Eat ground flax to help flush out estrogen…
    in Fibroids! Help? Comment by Carmentina
  • This isn’t sappy, it’s LOVEly. Giving thanks is a wonderful show of gratitude and a sure way to ensure more of the good stuff. I second the motion!
  • This topic could be applied to any number of things: religion, race, ethnicity, patriotism. Live and let live!
    in Vegan attitudes Comment by Carmentina