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  • I put some into my fruit purees. Not too much. Never more than a scant teaspoon cuz, like you noted, the flavor ain’t kicking. You could pretty much add it to all blended food, I think. I noticed a sexual/energy boost, but it may have been the power…
    in Maca recipes? Comment by Carmentina
  • I admire your post, but agree with Meditating. It could also have ramifications on any future jobs in that field. It’s sad but true.
    in Appalled Comment by Carmentina
  • That’s great news. Be careful tapering off the meds, like you wrote. My understanding of blood-pressure drugs is that you can’t ever get off them, but it probably depends what you’re taking. Great progress. Good luck.
  • The funniest raw-blooper isn’t mine – I think it was something Queenfluff wrote. An unexperienced woman went to a raw potluck with some raw Betty Crocker cake batter. That takes the cake!
  • I just googled “samphire” cuz I didn’t know what it was either. Turns out it’s a plant. Cool name. I googled “samphire recipes” and it seems most involve sautéeing or steaming.
    in Samphire Comment by Carmentina
  • This is great, so real, and haven’t we all been outcasted at one point or another? Now I try to make my differentness into uniqueness – who wants to be just another sheep in the flock? I like standing out for being different. It just baffles me how …
    in Energy Exchange Comment by Carmentina
  • alum’s a type of salt, not metal. Here’s what I found on Wikipedia: Ammonia alum, NH4Al(SO4)2·12H2O, a white crystalline double sulfate of aluminium, is used in water purification, in vegetable glues, in porcelain cements, in natural deodorants (tho…
  • Stevio, you can find crystal deodorant at any healthfood store as well as Trader Joe’s. I think I paid like $5 for mine and have had it already 3/4 years and it still looks new!
  • I’ve been using the same for several years now, although I’ve noticed I smell far better when I’m high raw (my hubby’s noticed it too!). I’d be interesting in seeing the replies. The great thing about the crystal is that it lasts forever. I have two…
  • This whole thread is exactly what I love about GoneRaw – positivity! Let it rain on me and all of us!
    in TheRawDance Comment by Carmentina
  • The only downside I can see is losing the fiber, which also has its value. I couldn’t imagine how much you’d have to use in order to juice a tiny bit! I’m thinking alfafa here, but there are so many other types. But juicing has its merits, as well w…
  • Trolls, anyone?
    in Is this normal? Comment by Carmentina
  • I think raw might be enough for many people, but a jump-start cleanse is great to get detox revving. The more you start to listen to your body, the more you become selective, which is probably why rawers get ever more limiting in intake – fine tunin…
  • I’m a translator. Mostly Italian to English, but also some French and Spanish. I’m getting a master’s now in medical and pharmacological translation. The cool thing is that I could work from anywhere – all I need is a laptop and an internet connecti…
  • I sometimes add a tablespoon to my tea! I know this sounds strange, but it sinks to the bottom and by the time the tea is done I’ve got this lovely gelatinous muck to have fun with!
  • Kamut is a relative of wheat and it does contain gluten. I’m somewhat wheat intolerant, so I avoid wheat but use Kamut or Spelt or other grains, but not excessively and I rotate them.
  • Another way to help the body flush out excessive estrogen is by eating ground up flaxseeds or psyllium. I’ve also read about progesteron cream for painful periods – loads and loads of anecdotes. It’s made from wild yam cream.
  • Excellent way to warm your food. Just remember that food can really warm up in glass, so just keep an eye on it. I do a lot of drying in the sun. It’s probably the best way and there’s no cost or energy waste!
    in Sun Warming Comment by Carmentina
  • Just think how much time he’d spend just EATING every day if he were RAW…getting in that many calories would be tough, unless you’re eating pounds of nuts and avocado and gallons of smoothies.
  • I wouldn’t think the oil would wash out easily. I would only put it on the ends and leave it in. I actually put it on my ends and sometimes a dab throughout, but since I don’t poo, I don’t go heavy handed. You’ve be surprised how soft lemon makes yo…
    in dry hair Comment by Carmentina
  • For me it’s just a question of false advertising. They put it in their raw section, so it should be raw. It’s your choice to be 100% and they aren’t required to have a “raw section.” You wouldn’t put cereal in the produce or dairy section, so why un…
  • Hi Winona. Sounds like a great recipe. Maybe you should post it with the recipes that way people will actually find it long after this thread is forgotten. Too good to miss on!
  • springleaf, the book I have is The Raw Gourmet by Nomi Shannon. It’s pretty good, but certainly not a beginner’s book. I was wanting to buy something on RAW food, but didn’t know where to begin and saw this among other books without pictures, so I g…
  • I actually want to get one that big. I’m sure I’ll figure what to fill it with… :)
  • Red clover? I’m no expert here, but I’ve read it and Vitex both help rebalance female hormones…
  • I don’t know if this works with moles, but rubbing garlic on warts makes them go away. I’ve done it a number of times. I’ve also read that you can put clear nail polish on raised moles and within a day or weeks they fall off.
  • I freeze my ass off and snuggle up tight! Actually I make few smoothies, but those I do have I make with ingredients that are at room temperature, not from the fridge, so they don’t chill me to the bone.
  • Hoax email! And they don’t endorse it! But it’s all true and we KNOW it. I guess Bluedolfin’s right, too good to be true! Yes I did get it from a friend and not directly from the website, so you’re very probably right Paxton!
  • I have a so-so blender I spent about $40 on and it does just fine for most recipes. If you’re only interested in it for smoothies then I wouldn’t spend too much on an intermediary blender. Maybe you could just get the hang of the blender you’ve got,…
  • Pretty awesome friend you’ve got! Great site too.
    in Roz Savage Comment by Carmentina