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  • queenfluff – that’s incredible, thank you so much!!! I can’t wait to try that.
    in hair gel Comment by elizabeth
  • I’ve used the Diva and I lovvved it. Although I’ve heard people liked Instead better, I haven’t tried it. I agree with Justine, don’t worry about marinating, just wash it out every few hours and you’re good to go! I don’t know what you use now but t…
  • I think the Whole Foods near me is worthless (except for produce)... I’m in Houston and it’s shocking how unhealthy this city really is, even a WFM. I didn’t believe it when I came here but after living here for a few months, it’s awful. But if they…
  • See… I always just rationalized that because it was a thicker grass…and cows eat grass but have four stomachs…somehow it would probably not be good digestivley. When I tried looking it up I came up with a lot of the benefits of wheatgrass but not mu…
  • karrie I have been wondering about this as well because I don’t have a juicer and I want to add wheatgrass into my diet.
  • heather, I thought the same but I use sesame oil, which I enjoy the taste of. And after about 5-7 minutes it starts to loose that slick oil consistancey and becomes more foamy like a mouthwash.
    in Oil Pulling Comment by elizabeth
  • Thanks for the info Heather
  • My mouth, teeth and gums really benefitted from oil pulling. My teeth aaalways felt clean and got whiter also. I was really surprised by the differance that I felt. But I’ve never tried skin brushing, do you need a special brush or anything??
  • 123 is right, the first thing to do is add more fruits and salads into your diet. Espcially depending on what your diet is right now. Maybe you do eat a lot of fruit but also have a lot of processed sugar in your diet—get rid of the processed sugar!…
  • Sounds like you’re doing pretty well! Being prepared is defintley key. Pre chopping veggies, salads, etc is helpful so if you come home hungry you can throw it together from the fridge w/o doing all the prep. In the begining, it was also good for me…
    in food and time Comment by elizabeth
  • I tend to eat fruit most of the day as well. Smoothie for breakfast, various fruits during the day. I like small lunches so usually leftovers from the night before. Plus lots of water.
    in # of meals a day Comment by elizabeth
  • No link that I know of, it had been mentioned in a previous forum like this one. I promise it was good for me!!!
  • Chris reccomended the banana/garlic salad dressing to me before, it’s soooo good!!!
  • greenridge, it may be possible to find raw grape leaves, but the ones you would find in a supermarket are probably not raw. Any Phyo has a Mediterranean Dolmas recipe that is a spin on stuffed grape leaves, though. It looks like the video is on her …
    in Grape Leaves Comment by elizabeth
  • Wow, thanks guys. all that lemony goodness looks great
    in raw lemon bars Comment by elizabeth
  • I want to do more raw soups, I never eat them. Tomato Basil sounds delish.
  • I like to shred the leaves and marinate them with shoyu, garlic and black pepper. Squeeze with lemon before serving, tasty!
  • Katt, you should be so proud of yourself. It’s a challange to take on dramatic lifestyle changes and you’ve decided to do it, bravo! If your husband brings food home from the store that you are trying to avoid and he will not eat, grab the receipt a…
  • I love carrot greens! They have a fragrant taste with a little bite that adds great flavor to salads.
  • RawKaren, try looking into macrobiotics. http://www.macrobioticcooking.com/6.htmll, although the site is not raw, the page has a genreal overview of yin/yang, acid/alkaline foods. http://www.hipchicksmacrobiotics.com/ The lady at this page wrote a p…
  • Whole Foods labels the prepared food they sell if it’s organic. The Whole Foods around me don’t have juice bars either, bummer.
  • The flavor of the month is banana/pear/kale/ginger/lemon. Rich and delish. I’ve never done pineapple with my greens, it seems like it would taste weird, but with such good feedback I must try it.
    in GREEN SMOOTHIES Comment by elizabeth
  • What are the greens exactly? I have never been sure and have avoided them. What is the differance between the supplements and eating actual greens?
  • I can’t eat nuts or seeds in large quantities and I tend to like them best on their own or with some type of fruit. I like walnuts the best.
    in Who likes nuts? Comment by elizabeth
  • Mocha are you sprouting chickpeas at all? I’ve been trying to sprout some and have found it to be tricky. I don’t have good sprouting equipment, just a colander and a dish towel. I can’t stop thinking that they’ve spoiled.
  • I’m not really into calorie counting, but I do make an effort to not consume the average amount of fat found in a raw food diet. I won’t use nuts or seeds as a main dish (except on rare occasions, or dramaticlly reduce the amount of them used) and t…
    in Nutrition Facts Comment by elizabeth
  • Bluedolfin, I’ve used a variation of the tuna recipe for a spicy tuna roll, it’s sooo good. Lots of avocado, and spinach for the rice layer. For a chili dipping sauce I like to use dried chili peppers, chopped garlic, salt, some soy sauce and touch …
  • I love condiments, like salsa and guacamole. I also really enjoy chips although I don’t always have the time or energy to dehydrate them. I’ve found that something I really enjoy are “romaine boats” when I use the romain as a vessel to get guacamole…
    in Help!! Comment by elizabeth
  • MT, you’re making me want to jet to the store and buy the biggest bottle of coconut oil I can find (seriously). How do you use it on your hair?
  • I have Living Cuisine and as far as the information on food being raw goes, I think it’s good. The recipes are pretty good too except the entrees aren’t exactly simple, but there are great soup, salad and dehydrator recipes (if or for when you get o…