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  • Tonya Kay!
    in Raw Celebs? Comment by Parsley
  • I don't know a thing about anti-depressants, but I would suggest you look into food combining. Improper combining of foods (ie nuts and grains at the same meal) can cause bloating and discomfort because these foods don't digest at the same rate. I k…
  • I also have trouble eating cold food all the time, especially in the winter! So what I do is make raw soups or "stir frys", and then gently warm them on the stove, stirring often, until they are pleasantly warm (not hot!). I also like to make hot ch…
  • Sometimes we need to learn lessons over, and over, and over...but that doesn't mean anything is wrong with us! Try to incorporate as much raw into your diet as you can and with time, as your body and taste buds adapt, cooked food will lose its appea…
  • Hmmm, I may have to do a pineapple cleanse! I love it when my favorite foods prove to be what my body is needing.
  • How fascinating - I had no idea pineapples were lacking their seeds. Poor guys.
  • Does anyone else experiences heat when eating pineapple? I love pineapple but it makes me feel hot and little beads of sweat break out on my forehead. I have wondered if it is helping me detox. Anybody else get this reaction?
  • Does anyone else get hot when eating pineapple? It is a food I often crave, but when I eat it I get a reaction similar to eating hot peppers. What's the deal?
  • A tea made from Shiitake or Reishi mushroom might help. They are said to be helpful with worms. This is not a raw treatment, however, as you need to simmer the mushrooms in water for about 40 minutes. Eating these mushrooms raw is probably not a gre…
    in Parasites??? Comment by Parsley
  • what sort of squash? If they're zucchini, you could make spaghetti!
  • To update this post, I just want to say that I had a wonderful time at Matt and Angela's wedding. I was blown away by their generosity and desire to create community. I asked Matt why he wanted to create such an event for his wedding. He responded t…
  • Looking forward to meeting you, naturalkandy! I will be there with my partner, Rob. Keep a look out for a young couple on the small side; I am 5'4" and he is 5'9". I have short light brown hair (usually in pigtails) and he has very curly black hair.…
  • No offense taken, lulushka. It is interesting how the raw lifestyle, like any other new fad, is being used for profiteering purposes. This is a topic that has come up in many other threads. I would love to meet anyone else who's attending. Hope to s…
  • hey lulushka8, I'm really just hoping to meet up with other raw fooders. I have been raw over a year and have yet to meet another raw foodie than my soon-to-be husband. I live only three hours away from this event and am volunteering, which means I …
  • For Rob and me, this is what we eat the most: 1.avocado 2.sprouted buckwheat 3. alfalfa sprouts 4. collards/kale, PARSLEY!! 5. any berry we can get 6. bananas 7. mangoes 8. oranges 9. apples 10. grapes for me, or papaya for Rob. They are both too ex…
  • Burritos.
  • I don't really use products...a) because it is such a scam, part of the mass-market propaganda trying to convince women (and men) that they NEED these hygiene products to fit in, be successful, attract mates, etc. Conventional deodorant is toxic, it…
  • I'm located in Eugene and would love to help in anyway!
    in PurelyRaw USA Tour Comment by Parsley
  • Why does a six year old girl need deodorant? She's not going through puberty already, is she?!
    in Deodorant for kids Comment by Parsley
  • Ooh I would like to know this too! I saw some today at my co-op but couldn't think what to do with the petals. I'm guessing the heart is just as yummy raw as steamed.
  • hey chattanoog, Green smoothies can sound intimidating but they're really quite simple. Just make a smoothie out of the fruit you would like to drink and add a handful of greens to it. There's no need for a recipe. My green smoothies tend to be far …
  • I do not drink any kind of caffeinated tea, but I do drink many different herbs on a regular basis. Right now my staple is a couple of different mixes to soothe my allergies. My allergies have been so much less severe since become vegan, and then ra…
  • Well, I believe that herbs come in great handy with helping to balance hormones and cure infections. I agree that healing comes from within the body, but isn't it great that ginger tea helps pregnant women deal with the hormone spikes that are a nat…
    in Salt and Pepper Comment by Parsley
  • "If you can't make a meal of it, it is suspect at best." So, can you eat a bowl of cumin? Of course not. These spices are referred to as "excito-toxins," in that they stimulate and excite our taste buds, but deliver no nutritional benefit." Kelly, w…
    in Salt and Pepper Comment by Parsley
  • Hey Kelly - I love your posts. You are so informative! I have been wondering about nuts and rancidity lately. I just ordered some raw pistachios and I noticed when I soaked them that they all float. I read somewhere that floating nuts is a sign of r…
  • I would say you definitely, absolutely, positively, unarguably should be sprouting!!! You should not be eating any nuts/seeds that have not been sprouted due to the digestive inhibitors they contain. Think about it - a seed wants to be eaten, but no…
  • Hey, I had this same problem earlier this year. The doctors wanted to give me some inhalers and anti-biotics but I didn't have the cash to pay for t hem, plus who wants that stuff in their body? What worked for me is an Osha mushroom. I was lucky en…
    in bronchitis Comment by Parsley
  • They carry Raweos in my local health stores but unfortunately all contain raw honey, which to a raw vegan is no good. .
    in Raweos Comment by Parsley
  • I am in Eugene, OR, so I am looking for Northwest sources too!
  • which coast are you on Carrie? I know I for one would love to take some kelp noodles off your hands!
    in kelp noodles Comment by Parsley