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  • You can never go wrong with Bariani's! It's the best I have tried. If you are in the US, buy it from rawguru.com, Alex offers free shipping on orders of $100 or more!
  • I think I may have offended some of you....which was not my intention...
  • Okay...I was concerned that this thread would turn into "who has emotional detox?". Although you have every right to post where you want, when you want and about whatever you want....that's partly why gone raw is so great....posting about one's emot…
    in Raw & Abuse Comment by StrongAndRaw
  • Thank you so very much for sharing Melody! I appreciate you sharing a part of your story...you are very brave. I come from a similar place. I don't think many others can understand the panic, fear and absolute oppression that can occur in our lives …
    in Raw & Abuse Comment by StrongAndRaw
  • This is VERY interesting. I also have a very low body temperature. I do have hypothyroidism...for 8 years now, but the thyroid medicine has not corrected my low body temperature. Like many of you if I have a "normal" body temperature (98.6) I am sic…
  • Alex the Raw Guru sell acai berry powder! If you are in the US he offers free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Check it out here: http://www.rawguru.com/store/raw-food/organic_acai_berry_powder.html
  • I found this amazing recipe and picture on Raw Food Talk. Scroll down for the tortilla recipe! http://www.rawfoodtalk.com/showthread.php?t=25363 I can't wait to try this myself !!!
    in Tortillas Comment by StrongAndRaw
  • I'm 44. I have these three metabolic disorders/syndromes/diseases: 1) Diabetes, 2) Hypothyroidism, 3) and just good old Metabolic Syndrome itself...
  • Okay....I have to say something....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....or scream something, I guess...
  • MSM powder (pure, organic sulfur powder) will do wonders for your skin! I use Natural Zing brand but get it from rawguru.com because Alex offers free shipping on USA orders of $100.00 or more. Also, juicing whole, organic cucumbers!!!
  • (Hello osoniye!) What about spaghetti noodles?
    in raw eggplant? Comment by StrongAndRaw
  • I was just thinking about eggplant today! What a coincidence! What I was wondering is if anyone has spiralized it or turned it into "noodles"? Because it is soft, I would think it would make perfect noodles. I have tried several other veggies spiral…
    in raw eggplant? Comment by StrongAndRaw
  • Have you tried your local Whole Foods Market for the Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles? That is where I have purchased them.
    in Kelp Noodles Comment by StrongAndRaw
  • 1) Read "Eating For Beauty" by David Wolfe (has a wealth of information in it). 2) Take MSM powder daily (pure organic sulfur powder). 3) Juice whole, organic cucumbers!
  • I also use agave because it does not raise my blood sugars like raw honey or maple syrup. I also use stevia as a sweetener even though it is not raw. I like to do half stevia and half agave in my recipes that call for sweeteners.
  • I don't use maple syrup, but then I am diabetic and it raises my blood sugars quite a bit. The nutritional yeast, though, is delicious and provides some B-12 so I use it occasionally. I make a mean greek dressing with the nutritional yeast. It's per…
  • Hello! I LOVE Max Stress B Nano-Plex, which is a raw vegan formula I get from Alex the Raw Guru (rawguru.com). It is pretty expensive (for me) so I use it twice a week and use "Pure Vegan" brand B-12 spray the other days. I got the Pure Vegan spray …
  • To universally_grateful, Well, I did not weigh myself! At least for a long time. I committed to 20 weeks 100% raw without weighing myself. I ate all raw and whatever I wanted. My fats came from Bariani's olive oil, avocados, coconut butter, olives, …
  • I lost 110 pounds in 6 months eating 100%raw foods! I DID NOT limit my fats or calories at all! I ate whatever I wanted as long as it was raw. Avocados were a staple. I would eat as many as three a day. It is imperative to eat what you want when you…
  • I got mine here: http://www.rawguru.com/store/_search.php?page=1&q=spiralizer I love spiralizing carrots and then using them in sushi. Also, spiralized cucumbers with some tamari (or nama shoyu) and some sesame oil and sesame seeds is delish. It…
    in Spiralizer??? Comment by StrongAndRaw
  • Aubbie, Did you have it delivered to your email in box? If so, how did you do that? I couldn't find a link to sign up. Help?
  • I purchase mine from Alex the Raw Guru (rawguru.com). He has tons of raw food and offers FREE SHIPPING in the USA for orders of $100.00 or more. I actually don't like goji berries, so I purchased the powder from Raw Guru and add it to all kinds of t…
  • I buy mine from Alex the Raw Guru. Here's the link to the Kalamata olives: http://www.rawguru.com/store/raw-food/kalamata-style-raw-organic-olives-10-oz.html . Raw Guru also offers FREE SHIPPING in the USA for orders of $100 or more, which is rawsom…
  • Hi! I am in Gilbert....a little ways from the rest of you but still in AZ! I would love the exact names of the Yahoo groups that you are all referring to. I have tried to find raw potluck groups in the Phoenix area on Yahoo to no avail. Thanks!
  • Oh wow! Thanks so much RawKidChef !!!
    in To: Poemomm Comment by StrongAndRaw
  • You must be lucky!
  • There is a picture on her blog. It is not the picture that I have from RFT, but it does show the "Chicken". http://adkrawfood.blogspot.com/
  • Okay! Boy, do I have a recipe for you! This recipe is from snowdrop on Raw Food Talk. It is called Sesame "Chicken". You could make the "Chicken" and then cover them with a buffalo type sauce instead of the "Sweet & Sour Sesame Sauce". I have th…
  • I second the Bariani's! But, I purchase mine from rawguru.com because Alex the Raw Guru has FREE SHIPPING in the USA for orders of $100.00 or more. Good luck!