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  • A Worm Composter would do the trick plus supply great soil amendment for potted plants and a container garden if you don't have access to a garden plot. If its well managed it will not smell up your place. This is a great site for worm composting re…
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  • Sprout them and enjoy!
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  • dovesinna, I have a close family member that has type 1 diabetes. Going Raw certainly did reduce the amount of insulin needed but I have not know anyone or found any information on anyone who has been type 1 for many years to get off of insulin tota…
  • I agree a to what some have mentioned, we need Raw Certification. No matter who you deal with you can never be assured 100%. With the number of food products we carry in our online store in Canada we have to accept the claims of our suppliers as bei…
  • Some brands are labeling their herbs and spices raw. At least here in Canada. I’m sure as the demand grows they’ll be easier to find. But fresh will always be best in flavor in my opinion.
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  • In Canada we are able to get Sicilian Almonds in stores and online that are not pasteurized like the ones from the U.S.A.
  • Klean Kanteen makes a stainless steel bottle with no lining so no worry of what a lining may contain. We carry in Canada ( http://www.rawnutrition.ca/html/klean_kanteen.html ) their plain 27oz bottle with stainless steel cap but they also make some …
  • Its best to use sprouted and dehydrated nuts and seeds if you want to store your butters and not use it up right away.
  • Hi Sweta, We are a new business that started up in January 2008 supplying Raw Foods and various kitchen equipment especially for Canada. I am sure you’ll appreciate our products, service and fast shipping.
  • I too can say that Excalibur provides excellent technical support by phone. They can tell you exactly what is wrong and if you need a part you can have it shipped to you quickly. They’ll walk you through your repair step by step.
  • Soak time is really not an issue. We soak it 8 hours (overnight) every time we sprout some (which is weekly). The key is in many rinses during the first day of sprouting to eliminate the slimy aspect. Once it rinses clean we rinse only twice a day t…
  • Maybe too late to reply now but it sounds like its fermented. Its not really forgiving if it hasn’t been rinsed enough. Its slimy at first and needs lots of rinses. We sprouted lots of buckwheat each week and fill a 9 tray excalibur with sprouts. Ma…
  • That was published by Frederick Patenaude. As far as I know its no longer available. If you want to know more about him just do a search on this site.
  • I find powder to be the most useful form in most recipes but I prefer to grind the nibs myself in a small “coffee” grinder. It seems to be fresher that way.
  • Hi Lou, I lived in Georgia for about 4 years and used my dehydrator while there. I never had a bug issue. If you keep it clean bugs shouldn’t be a problem.
  • The brand name “Salba” is apparently a patended variety. That brand sells only “white” Chia. Chia seeds are becoming more widely available (at least here in Canada). I have not seen any yet in bulk bins but most are sold in 1 pound bags, some even i…
    in chia seeds Comment by RawNutrition.ca
  • Chia seeds are small like mustard seeds. The are available in white (which is beige in color) and natural (speckled gray color). Nutritional content is just about the same between the 2. Just do an online search and you’ll find lots. You can also ch…
    in chia seeds Comment by RawNutrition.ca
  • Standard American Diet, BTW what does OTOH stand for? Hard to keep track of all the acronyms.
  • We keep it in the basement because it is practically always on to supply our families needs. We live in a quiet rural area. I like peaceful quietness and the sounds of nature. I find my PC fan loud and the dehydrator fan is louder than that. That sa…
  • Real thick preparations always tend to heat up in the Vita-Mix. As suggested adding some water will prevent overheating. We use our cuisinart too for pates and such. The Vita-Mix is a great machine for many uses but it does have some limitations.
  • I really prefer soil grown wheatgrss as you seem too also. Intensive sprouting can be time comsuming. I really appreciate it during the winter season. It beats store bought produce which is days if not weeks old. I start to sprout less this time of …
  • I don’t think that any currently available will do all sprouts effectively. Its like juicers that claim that they can juice, chop, blender, etc. Then simply can’t do everything. Different seeds for sprouting need different sprouting conditions. The …
  • What do some of you think about this article saying that Raw Carob is not good and hard to digest by Dr. Jameth Sheridan? http://www.blessingsaliveandradiantfoods.com/dr… Please share any other info you may have.
    in CAROB Comment by RawNutrition.ca
  • Its best to do stuff like that on sheets (either parchment paper or paraflexx non-stick sheets) BUT its really important to turn over your breads or crackers as soon as possible otherwise they WILL ferment. When laying out your batches on the sheets…
  • Some large organic operations apply wax coatings on fruit. I know most citrus fruit is coated to preserve the fruit during shipping and storage, for apples you have to check the carton the produce dept. received them in. Many varieties of apples pro…
  • Good example that no one machine does it all.
  • The ads by Google are based on the content of the page your on. If the discussion was about raw meat, for example, google could place an ad with the keyword meat.
  • Generally not. The ones I’ve seen are cooked and packed in brine (salt, water and sometimes vinegar). You can purchase fresh artichokes in season to enjoy them raw. I would guess that they could be preserved by fermentation like cabbage but I have n…
  • If it doesn’t say Raw you could always sprout test them. The oats that we carry in our Canadian online shop are Raw and will sprout.
  • Steel cut oats are cut with steel blades. Rolled oats are rolled, but they are usually steamed before being rolled. Steel cuts oats are not steamed.