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  • I think some people experience years of detox (though more mild as time goes on). So yes, weeks and into months is "normal." Hopefully it's bearable after the first few weeks.
  • too many different foods mixed together is hard on the digestion sometimes. grains are hard to digest as well, and if your body is used to raw foods, even cooked vegetables can cause upset. let this be a lesson and keep feeling well on raw. forget a…
  • 80% or mroe raw, within 3 days (if the foods are actually raw - meaning produce)
  • I suggest making sure you are getting enough calories and have enough sweet fruits and greens nearby for a snack if need be (even when others are eating something else). It might take a couple weeks, but eventually you will much prefer the pureness …
  • high fruit LOW FAT, no, I don't think so.
  • I didn't think kelp noodles went well with raw-nara, I thought they were better with a light almond sauce. I can't remember what I put in it, it's been so long. Definitely lots of veggies!!!!!!
  • If you eat a cooked meal, try to avoid grains and salt, for sure, as those are addictive and will keep you coming back for more, as it sounds you DON'T want to do, and this is about what you want (to be raw). :) Try yoga!!!!
  • Get enough calories and dark leafy greens. We can't guess on here, based on the information you gave, if you're getting enough nutrients. Try fitday.com I find it's easy to get all RDAs of vitamins/minerals with lots of sweet fruit, dark green leafy…
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  • Even if you're just eating fruits and vegetables with no overtly fat foods (like avocado), you're probably at about 5-6% of calories from fat. IT can be done, but I personally like about 10-15% of calories from fat. It's up to you - figure out what …
  • asking strangers on the internet what's "wrong" with you isn't a good idea. first it was buckwheat this and buckwheat that; now it's quinoa or lima beans. you'd be okay without all three, but i don't think you go long enough without any of them to g…
  • Welcome, your sprout-sill sounds lovely!
  • Try to eat more simply (like smoothies, salads) and just eat a "recipe" or "gourmet" meal with all of those combos you mentioned for dinner or a couples time a week.
  • I don't remember. I'd like to say while walking through the produce section, but probably not. :p
  • Welcome! I'd say, if you need support from people in person (or you care what they think or they are purchasing your food, since you're 17), maybe try 75% (by caloric intake) raw at first, and if they see you are doing well after a month or two, the…
  • the parsnip shallot whip looks so good. amazing food pics! :)
  • sounds great! how was everything?
  • sounds like you were eating unripened fruit. i don't think one can eat balanced wtihout fruit. how many calories are you eating?
  • what's it about? most of us aren't likely to click on a video wtihout more information please! :)
  • all foods have fats. you don't really need any overtly fatty foods, but greens, avocados, coconuts, and durian are all other chocies besides nuts.
  • It's not really a food....to me. I would eat some sweet fruit and see if you get energy, since that will have some calories and more nutrition. :)
  • yum, thoughts of greens - makign me hungry!!!
  • raw plant-based calories are our friends. :)
  • items like the sweet fruits and nuts will have more calories than salad, so don't feel bad about eating more than one salad or having sweet fruits or 1 oz. of nuts with your salad. :)
  • I think it will be good to include enough calories as well, and definitely enoguh greens. Can you do a nice salad with nonsweet fruits (tomato, cucumber, avocado, etc.) at nighttime in addition to your green smoothies? Welcome!
  • that is so awesome! you are a great inspiration. :)
  • that is so awesome! you are a great inspiration. :)
  • Well, you have a raw community here online, but for your decision to be raw, you don't need for anyone else to do the same to know it's best for YOU! So just gradually get back to it! With some fruits and nice dark green salads, I'm betting you'll f…
  • I don't know how we can help you accept something - it's just part of life. everyone makes different choices, and you either respect them for it or don't. i'd work on the respect first and foremost, and hopefully in turn, with patience, you will hav…
  • I don't eat tofu. It's not fermented, just FYI. It's also high in fat and should be a side dish, if anything.