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  • Thanks Amberablue for the link. My mother is currently suffering from Shingles. Maybe she'll be up for giving the Apple Cider Vinegar a shot.
  • If a parent who refuses to immunize her child can have her parenting motives questioned and possibly have her children go into protective custody, why should we let parents who let their children eat themselves to an early death get off scott free?
  • The salt from the V8 difinately contributed. Also, I'm pretty sure V8 juice is pasteurized. Also, are you getting enough physical activity? One way the body rids itself of toxins is through movement. If you are not getting a good amount of physical …
  • Not to gross you out or anything, but by eating eggs, you are actually consuming the matter of a chickens menstral cycle. Do you really want to be eating an animals menstral cycle? We should not be consuming cholesterol. Our bodies make their own ch…
  • Can I borrow your mom?
  • Kwashiorkor is a disease where the body lacks protein. Most people have never heard of it, because it is very rare in this country. This disease mostly flourishes in continents like Africa, where the majority of the population lives in poverty. This…
  • There are natural ways of avioding pregnancy, but they take work. The counting method is one way. Unfortunately, this method sometimes may not work for women who experience irregular cycles. It is more effective if your cylces are regular and normal…
  • I have been seeing floaters in my eye since I was about two or three years old. I was sitting in a red wagon outside with older sister and my baby sister while my oldest sister pulled us. I looked up into the sky and noticed them for the first time.…
  • I was going to eat the last peach in my fruit bowl, but this morning I found that it had went moldy on me. I just ate an apple instead.
  • I’d say that I’m going through lots of stress too right now. I’m moving out of my parents home to live by myself for the first time. I also have an illness which does sometimes require me to have a little extra help so living alone scares me. But on…
  • Wow Chriscarlton, I just saw the picture of Tonka. I’m amazed. Very lean and mucsular. Never seen a house cat in such good shape before!
  • Cool…Thanks emtpdmom! Very helpful. I just looked at the chart and I live in cold dreary Michigan. Looks like there arent many options for us Michiganers, but as long as I have apples in my life, I should be just fine. I was also planning on transit…
  • Does anyone have a list of what fruits are actually in season? I dont know which fruits are best eaten for winter. And I’m trying to eat to the seasons.
  • Sounds about right. You are just craving what your body needs right now.
  • I love LaraBars. When I found out that they weren’t raw, I still ate them anyway. They are the best.
  • Happy Birthday! Oh…to be 21 again. Cheer up. Things could be worse. I spent my 25th birthday in bed with a life threatning disease.
  • I actually have never tried maca. What are some other health benefits besides boosting sex drive? Branwyn32-loved your post about sex. I feel the same way! Although I do the solo thing as of right now, I want to use sex as a way to connect with God …
  • I’m not a very political saavy person, and this is kind of off topic, But Obama is a total hottie! He can be my president anytime. That is not why I’m voting for him though :-)
  • Wow, you were right KAIT. He is pretty hot!! I alo think that RawVolution guy is cute. I forget his name….Matt something?
  • They put all kinds of chemicals in their food to keep it from breaking down. But food is supposed to to exactly that…break down to be easier for digestion. So that crap just sits in your digestive system because the body can’t break it down. This is…
  • Omshanti, You are probably just pulling tighter on the yarn when you create new stitches. For most begginners, there is a tendancy to do that because you are just wanting to making sure that the yarn stays on the needle so that you dont lose a stitc…
    in knitters Comment by AzulBlue02034
  • Grapes. I’m one who does not usually experience very many heavy syptoms from detox, but I had the most extreme case of detox after eating a whole bag of grapes.
  • Pink Lady!
  • My thoughts are with you, Waterbaby! Keep us posted?
    in Waterbaby.. Comment by AzulBlue02034
  • I have never read the book. I have been wanting to though. Does it have some tips on water drinking too? I do know that the first sign of dehydration is thirst. If you are not thirsty then you’re ok.
  • MOTH, I know. It’s hard. There have been times where people ask me about my diet. And although I try to explain thoroughly, they just dont get it. They ask me all the time, where I get my protein, calcium etc. And I feel like a broken record. Someti…
  • Hi Johnny, I definately am Simple Raw. Mostly wih fruit. It’s just so easy for me to grab a piece of fruit and stuff it in my bag to go off to work than to stay up all night preparing a raw gourmet meal (Which I’d love to do if I had more time). It’…
    in Simple RAW Comment by AzulBlue02034
  • Hey! I’m a Michigander too!
  • Blue_Eyes, Your mother lives on through you… Stay Strong
  • How long did it take for you to make it? It sounds yummy, but my issue is time. I never have any. Also, I am a lazy raw vegan who would rather grab a ton of fruit, which requires little to no preparation or extra ingredients, off of the kitchen tabl…
    in yayyy Comment by AzulBlue02034