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  • White blood cells are part of your body's immune system. They increase when your body needs to fight disease or clear toxins out of the bloodstream. I often have a low count of white blood cells as well. The main symptom for this is supposed to be c…
    in blood test Comment by eecho
  • Instead of trying to look more toned, try to be more toned. Then you will probably have more success and more fun in the meantime.
    in Not losing weight? Comment by eecho
  • I am not sure. 138 seems like an ok weight for 5'6". But if you want to lose weight, probably try eating less fat and more carbs (fruit). Don't calorie restrict or else you'll end up binging on junk. Just get the carbs before you even get to that po…
    in Not losing weight? Comment by eecho
  • Your viable choices are meat, pill, or injection. You can take chances with supposed whole food vegan sources but they are all iffy at best.
    in vitamin B12 Comment by eecho
  • So you are eating just green smoothies and also fresh fruits? For this, I will join you. I mean... I'll be doing it anyway haha.
  • You should always have a couple days worth of fresh fruits and vegetables in your fridge/freezer or ripening on the shelf. If you are traveling, you always have access to grocery stores with even just the minimum amount of planning. I've bicycled fo…
  • The Vitamix 5200 blender, which seems to be the unofficial standard blender, is 1380 Watts. So it seems that this blender's 1200 Watts is pretty good comparatively. However, the issue isn't just wattage, but also torque. One of the reasons Vitamix i…
  • What is the make/model of the blender?
  • I use this one: World Cuisine Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer It has worked great for me thus far, and it has different blade attachments for different sized cuts.
    in A GOOD Spiralizer Comment by eecho
  • Hey you look great, good job! What are you goals? What are you plans for after the 12 days are over?
  • Can't you measure your glucose levels / blood sugar? Eat "a lot of fruit", then take a measurement. That should answer your question.
  • If we lived in "nature", we might be able to rely solely on "intuition" for eating. However, our instincts are impaired by the modern technological lifestyles we live. Therefore, we still need to rely on intuition for decision-making, however we als…
  • about beans, an old topic: beans and legumes: what's the verdict? about yogurt, you can search the recipes and find many on this website
  • I don't think that diet will change your eye color - that is a genetic trait. Eating healthy might make them brighter and more clear though.
    in Eye color change Comment by eecho
  • I recommend reading 80/10/10. I agree with Sydney, if you're eating a lot of nuts then that will not be conducive to your goals. It would be better to eat a lot of cooked carbs. Make sure that the cooked foods you're eating are cooked carbs and not …
    in Losing Weight Comment by eecho
  • Despite the fact that orthorexia might apply to some people, don't even bother trying to understand why mainstream health thinkers extend it to broadly cover all healthy eaters. This stretch is either uneducated or irrational, that's it, end of stor…
  • Hi, welcome.
    in Im New :) Comment by eecho
  • Hi, welcome.
    in Im New :) Comment by eecho
  • The two classics are a Champion Juicer or Greenstar. I've used both, both are very robust. The Greenstar is much more expensive and supposedly more efficient, but I personally can't tell that much of an improvement. I recommend the Champion, its a b…
    in Raw Juice Comment by eecho
  • I don't know how this would affect the final product, but you're not sprouting them right. 12 hours is way too long for buckwheat. Check out the "Sprouting Instructions" here: http://sproutpeople.org/seeds/bwgroats.html For a recipe, these are perha…
    in Help! Comment by eecho
  • Blue_Eyes, I'm sorry but everything you just said is either partially or completely false. I am sure you are a super-intelligent person and its nothing personal but I just want to iterate through them all so people aren't misled. 1: sunscreen is hig…
    in Sunscreen Comment by eecho
  • I think chumana is right. Also, to improve quality of sleep, increase the number of hours before your last meal and bedtime. For instance, if you eat a big meal right before going to sleep, your quality of sleep will drop significantly, especially i…
  • Hang in there! Commit to a minimal amount of time to stay within your high raw parameters (for example, one or two months). Don't be discouraged by initial setbacks - only make your analysis after that amount of time. Aim high, don't make excuses to…
    in Eating all the time Comment by eecho
  • Perhaps exercise more? Try eating more fruits? Especially after a hard workout, nothing beats a fruit smoothie. Sometimes, I find that good hard exercise puts the body and mind in the right state for eating healthy raw foods.
    in help transitioning Comment by eecho
  • A lot of people care about what the Bible has to say, and a lot of them have the wrong idea about it. Thankfully, this isn't a thread about religion so we don't have to debate whether or not the Bible is important. Just what it says.
  • According to this, Noah (and the animals) were on the Ark for 377 days. We can assume that a lot of the animals procreated during that time. Even if only a small percentage of the "edible" animals procreated, considering that every specie of animal …
  • I use these: www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0012C7VLG/ref=mp_s_a_1?qid=1298088583&sr=8-1 I've never tried others, but I really like these ones, seems like high quality, delicious.
  • pl, how much is too much?
  • Hi Maxie, after learning that you are pregnant my level of respect for you tripled at least. For most people including myself, maintaining such a lifestyle as raw vegan is enough of a challenge all on its own! Are you going to be one of those mother…
  • Ok. For what its worth, an interesting article by Mac Danzig, vegan UFC fighter: http://www.mikemahler.com/articles/macdanzig.html