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  • I’ve read that the purple coconuts are really really young. Which fits with the amount of meat (hardly any) in them. I’ve eaten them and have found no ill effects. Am I wrong? My market sells them for $1.50 each. But I live in a very diverse area so…
    in young coconuts Comment by Patty708
  • I have her book “Eating in the Raw” It was the first book I read on the raw food lifestyle. I liked it. She is not a vegan, and that upsets some people, but you don’t have to be vegan to be raw, I’m not.
    in Carol Alt's books Comment by Patty708
  • Julie, I have cystic acne and struggle with breakouts. I’ve found green juices, specifically celery and romaine help my skin. While breakouts are a part of detox, hormones play into it as well. I use a mild bar cleanser on my skin in addition to a d…
  • Zoe, Why are you against vaccinations?
  • Stylistchick, I didn’t realize you still had part of your thyroid. I don’t have one at all so my body doesn’t produce the hormone at all. I would love to talk to you more about this, as I’ve had some of the same symptoms. 
    in discouraged... Comment by Patty708
  • Stylistchick That is wierd! When you say never worked what do you mean? What are your symptoms? I would suggest that you see a different doctor make sure they are an endrochonologist. My doctor checks my thyroid levels (T3 T4) each year and makes ev…
    in discouraged... Comment by Patty708
  • Stylistchick, Why don’t you want to take medicine for your hypothyroid? I have taken synthetic thyroid for close to 20 years no with no ill effects. I had my thyroid removed when I was 18.
    in discouraged... Comment by Patty708
  • Yes there are raw foodists who eat raw meat, myself being one of them. Why do you discount Carol Alt, she is eating a raw diet (including meat) for her health and is a big proponent of telling people to eat raw. Don
  • raw dancer, are you underweight? Your periods will stop if you are too much under or over weight. Almost 2 years without a cycle doesn’t sound healthy.
  • I’ve never been on bc and my cycle was always irregular. But since going 50 – 75% raw, I’ve become regular. The mood swings are a much better. But the cravings the week before are when I am most likely to eat cooked and junk food.
  • Zoe, I believe you can bring stuff on the plane to eat but not in your suitcase. You cannot bring fruit or any other non prepackaged food into the US it will be “sniffed” out by dogs and taken. Unfortunately fruit can carry parasites and bringing it…
    in Food smuggling! Comment by Patty708
  • Om, The recipes look good, you can unsubscribe to the newsletter after you get the pdf if you want. and you only give your e-mail, no other information. Here is one of the recipes PEAR SPREAD 2 med. Pears (chopped) 1/2 c. Pineapple (chopped fresh) 1…
    in Free Recipes Comment by Patty708
  • spirited mama, How were the mock chickun strips? I have Alissa’s book too, I like most of what I’ve tried.
  • If your coworkers are expressing concern that shows they care about your health. With so many women with eating disorders a smaller woman who they only see eating veggies would be a red flag to people. I think that you can thank them for their conce…
  • When I at the tomato sauce it get watery. Perhaps the acid in the tomatoes is causing it? I tried sprilizing it and putting some salt to bring out the water, but that didn’t really work. It’s something about the tomato I think.
    in Watery zucchini Comment by Patty708
  • Prayer
  • I order ingredients online, like nuts and specialty items. The only prepackages stuff I eat is the occasional Larabar.
    in Ordering raw food Comment by Patty708
  • Judy, If you are a meat eater you can eat raw fish. I am and eat cold-smoked salmon. This is a vegan board so you won’t find much referencing to meat or diary products. Raw nuts and seeds can be found at health food stores or ordered in bulk on the …
  • where did you see the calcium intake and B12? I went to the site and only see cal, fat and carbs.
  • I had rashes on my hands and some blotches on my face. They went a way when I went off the diet for a while, but now I’m back on I will check to see if they come back.
    in Am I detoxing? Comment by Patty708
  • I live in Chicago and the raw food movement is pretty good here. There are two raw food restaurants in the city and wild oats and whole foods offer raw foods. In the summer we have a bunch of farmers markets so it is easier to get large quantities o…
  • Nagev, I eat raw salmon. I don’t believe you need to be vegan to enjoy the raw lifestyle. I do respect the vegan stance on this board so I don’t post my recipes here. Although I can’t wait to try the dehydrated salmon!
  • Another restaurant is Cousin’s Incredible Vitality 3038 West Irving Park Road. They also have a meal delivery service for the week, so if you contact them ahead you could pick up meals for the week. http://www.cousinsiv.com Queenfluff, have you gone…
  • That’s great, I’m in Chicago, I will put it on my schedule!
  • I know how you feel. I am new to the raw lifestyle too and the more I read, the more conflicting opinions I see. Vegan raw, vegetarian raw, carnivore raw (though not on this site). No raw nuts, food combining, etc. It can be too much if you let it. …
  • Carol Alt eats raw dairy, she talkes about it in her book “Eating in the Raw”. This was the first book I read on the raw food lifestyle.
    in Raw Cheese Comment by Patty708
  • Do you refrigerate them? I heard that they stop ripening when they are in the cold.
    in Avos!!! AHH Comment by Patty708
  • “The study, funded by the Canned Food Alliance.” There is your answer.
    in What the @#$%? Comment by Patty708
  • I agree with spiritedmama. There seems to be a tendency in some of the boards to be a little too aggressive in our opinions. Let’s all put info out there in a non judgmental way and let us all see how our own bodies need to be fed.
  • Make sure you are eating a balance of foods, including fats from avocados and nuts. You have to supply your body fat in order to loose fat. So I don’t recommend reducing your meals to just greens, your body will think it is starving and you won’t lo…
    in weight loss Comment by Patty708