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  • i heard peppermint works.. like use the essential oil or sprinkle tea around.. havent tried it.. borax also i’ve heard.. but i pretty much prefer to just sit and watch them.. they are fascinating!!
  • this isnt advice to help save them.. just a bit of advise about if you keep up the killing spree.. dont smash them!! sometimes they can release this scent thing that alerts the others to danger and you risk a swarming attack!! my husband killed one …
  • how does NOT adding something to a meal make it cost more?! it’s like spending 20 bucks on a sweater and then 50 bucks for a tank top! less material!! why does it cost more!?!?
  • “him” is my husband :)
  • cool cucumber soup is a good one at my house.. i also make like a pilaf kinda thing with sprouted quinoa (since cooked quinoa and sprouted both have a very similar texture to him) i just add whatever (cherry tomatoes, vinegar, onions, dried cranberr…
  • haha i have some “personal” advice.. if at any point during the cleanse you think you have gas.. thats not what it is.. go to the bathroom!! :) dont make more than one days worth of the drink at a time.. it tastes gross if you make it too far in adv…
  • sprout quinoa !
  • cant tell if these people deliver anywhere… http://www.bakingforhealth.com/
  • but i still love you guys!!
  • is it just me or is this just a forum.. noone has busted down anyones door hitting people over the head with bibles here.. if you dont agree with the person who posts then so what.. ignore it!! noone is “forcing” religion on anyone.. at least i dont…
  • i was under the impression that the soy in tofu and soy milk isnt the scary kind.. its the kind that is in your potato chips and cookies and crackers and other strange products that have a long list of ingredients.. pre packaged food etc… i guess an…
    in Soy Controversy Comment by loveskale
  • zephirah sunflower… menstrual waste = eggs say it like it is and people really start to think about their food!
    in "Baby Mama" Comment by loveskale
  • these people who look like they are afraid of “real food” are the same people that ask “whats in it” when you are serving something.. but when you kindly point out “whats in” their food, they act like strange synthetic chemicals and rotting flesh, m…
    in "Baby Mama" Comment by loveskale
  • heard of it.. what is it exactly?
  • i heard somewhere to try to get half your body weight in ounces.. like if you weigh 130 pounds you need 65 ounces of water.. but i often wonder if the water in fruit and veggies count at least a little.. i dont know.. but if you make an effort to dr…
  • these are two i found on amazon.. and i also saw one at world market (dunno if you have one of those near you) http://www.amazon.com/Zojirushi-Bento-Stainless…=pd_bbs_sr_1_s9_rk?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&s9r=8afea4c1112201c601113095387e0344&…
  • i have one.. and i use it but not all the time.. i find it to be alittle much when i am out in public trying to empty it and clean it.. so when i know i will be out i take applicator free tampons.. but when i do use it it works great.. it takes alit…
    in The DivaCup Comment by loveskale
  • say “i get my calcium from the same place cow get theirs… from green stuff!!” unfortunately cows dont really get their calcium from grass anymore.. they have to take vitamins basically.. so they feed corn with calcium sprinkled on it to the cows.. t…
    in calcium Comment by loveskale
  • i also use weleda’s salt toothpaste
    in Brushing teeth Comment by loveskale
  • one would think.. i saw raw wheat germ today and it looked like it was high in iron.. forgot how much of course.. dont know if you would do raw wheat germ.. maybe in a smoothie..
  • one thing you can do is increase your vitamin C. take a vitamin C or eat foods with vitamin C when you are eating things with iron in it. vitamin C helps you absorb iron better. i’ve known people who have taken crazy amounts of iron but still were a…
  • GREAT story!! sorry about your misfortune.. but if you ever figure this avocado seed thing.. let me know.. im married, but it would be nice to have him throw himself at my feet every once in a while. no, no disaster stories yet for me other than a n…
  • well, i have it and hippie chick is right, the recipes are good, and it isnt all raw.. and not even vegetarian for that matter.. she has recipes for fish etc.. and this book is mostly about food combining i think, but in her recipes there was one i …
  • good for plaque i guess.. :) i remember eating milk bones.. they werent so bad
    in lame Comment by loveskale
  • i made this thing for dinner a couple of weeks ago.. a nut loaf.. it had all these chopped up veggies in there and nuts that i soaked… and O…M…G!!! did i have an upset stomach after that!! i could only imagine that it was the amount of nuts that it …
  • good ideas! i think i will practice with them before i head out to the trails!
    in dehydrated milk? Comment by loveskale
  • but definitely take some sort of trash can or bucket rigged with charcoal (for smell, unless you have one of those kitchen compost buckets.. though i dont know if it would be big enough) for any produce you do take so you can compost it!!
  • go to the library (or buy) and check out one of those trail foods books that focusses on dehydrated food.. i have a book that is called mary bell’s complete dehydrator cookbook… and while it is not raw focussed, it does inspire some good ideas. if i…
  • oh! have you ever done ear candling?
    in Neti Pot Comment by loveskale
  • the health food store i work at was CLEARED out of our neti pots when it was on oprah not too long ago and then our distributors were out of them for like months trying to keep up with the demand oprah made for these things!! it was amazing. we had …
    in Neti Pot Comment by loveskale