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  • Thanks everyone for the advice, I've been doing it all! This entire week I did a fruit cleanse and completely eliminating coffee (substituting with yerba mate if i reallyyyy needed the boost) and JUST reintroduced some simple veggies. ALL raw too! I…
  • Thanks so muchh for the advice! I'll be sure to be more conscious when it comes to food combining. And I've definitely been making note to drink even moreee fluids. Thanks!
  • I wonder if coconut flakes would be too overpowering.....
    in Kale chips Comment by paige4
  • if you're okay with using a little nutritional yeast, there's a nut free kale chip recipe that tastes exactly like those spicy cheetos ahahah its weird but when i tried it for the first time i finally realized that's what they taste like basically c…
    in Kale chips Comment by paige4
  • i brew mine too and actually JUST finished bottling a new brew. This one is apricot black tea flavored with a splash of pomegranate juice. I love mostly all kombuchas, but homemade is the best! plus, i was able to turn all of my friends on to it too…
    in Kambucha Comment by paige4
  • make your own stevia! i do, and its delicious and easy. you buy the stevia plant, which is just like any other herb. then you pick its leaves, dehydrate them, and grind them up in the coffee mill!
    in Sweeteners Comment by paige4
  • are you getting enough zinc and proper immune defending minerals into your diet, whether you eat raw or not?
    in always sick Comment by paige4
  • Sorry for the late reply! i don't really have any exact measurements. For a big big bowl of sliced potatoes i'll use like a cup of vinegar and fill the rest with water and use a good 2 handfuls of salt.
    in Dehydrated chips Comment by paige4
  • Hi! I've made several different kinds of potato chips, including sweet potato, and I've really found that the trick is to soak them in saltyyyy vinegar water for about a day or two. Then drain them and season them however you like (I like a combo of…
    in Dehydrated chips Comment by paige4
  • I'm 18 and I've lived near SF, California all my life and go to school in CA still. I loveee it here and its so Raw/ Raw Vegan friendly!
  • ooh funn but difficultt.. 1. coconut 2. kale 3. goji berries 4. figs 5. kombucha 6. chirimoya 7. quinoa 8. cacao nibs 9. maca 10. cashews
  • i'm using my coconut milk as i type right now. One young thai coconut has the perfect ratio for making around a cup and a half or so of creamy coconut milk. Simply blend allll of the water you yeild from the coconut and then scoop out allll of the m…
  • I've used avocado as a base for my dressing in place of another fat and it works great! It's delicious and is a perfect substitute for oil. It's definitely perfect when you're craving a creamier kind of ranch/caesar dressing--except its green haha
    in My spiralizer... Comment by paige4
  • Well, normally I wouldn't give in, but you said you were in Rome. I mean, your in Italy where ingredients are fresh and not as much tampered with. If you eat bread, you're bound to be eating some of the most delicious and freshest bread ever. I woul…
    in Bread, Should I? Comment by paige4
  • i was just going to say what osoniye was with the avocado. I dont know if its any less in calories, but it's an awesome and tasty alternative if you just blend it up with the other ingredients. It makes much more a creamy dressing.
  • Hello! So the thing with spaghetti squash is that it looks like spaghetti afterrrr you cook it. Its just like any other squash before you cook it, but after you do, the insides become REALLY stringy and exactly like pasta. Thats when you have to scr…
    in Spaghetti Squash Comment by paige4
  • unfortunately the young thai's with the white exterior are usually not organic and have pesticides on the outside. They are still completely good to use, you just want to make sure the meat or water doesn't come in contact with the outside whatsoeve…
    in Is this true? Comment by paige4
  • there are so many possibilities with 1 haha (as i'm typing this i'm having some coconut milk with breakfast) It yields around a little over a cup of water and 3/4ish cup of meat, depending on the size of your coconut. You want to crack it open reall…
  • I think I could just possibly live on coconuts I love them so much. My favorite thing to do with them is blend both the meat and water really well to make milk and I use that for my cereal of buckwheaties, goji's, figs, mullberries, and other dried …
  • thanks you guys! i'll just let my mom deal with those split lentils haha
    in Sprouting Lentils Comment by paige4
  • as for garlic's ability to be consumes, it's actually a very healing food in moderation. it lowers hypertension and cholesterol, as well as other heart related diseases. Also, its an antibiotic and anti-parasitic (prevents bug bites, etc). It's actu…
  • too much garlic is bad actually. Something about the acid in it reacting badly with your stomach lining. i have a chinese medicine book that talks about that and how you should eat a few cloves a day, but too much is harmful. as for raw corn, i love…
  • I have the saladacco too, and even though its not as fancy as the others, it was a good price and works really well. Whenever there's zucchini or beets in the house I'm always using it.
    in Spiralizer Comment by paige4
  • about the nutritional yeast, i believe it really is cooked, however they do it. But like the name says, its very nutritious, and vegans and raw vegans definitely need those b vitamins, especially b12.
    in Honey? Comment by paige4
  • I'm still not sure as to why that happens, but its completely natural. There are about 5 or 6 different brands of raw honey where I work and they eventually harden and become opaque, and so did the one i have at home. It's definitely normal and its …
    in Honey? Comment by paige4
  • I personally use honey and love it. I think a lot of people won't use it or consider it vegan because of the way bees are harmed in the process of obtaining the honey. It easily can be compared to the hormones to induce more milk from a cow, or kill…
    in Honey? Comment by paige4
  • I know what you mean, sprouting can be sooo intimidating. But I promise that once you start, you'll get a hang for it and love doing it. There is such a difference between your own and the store-bought sprouts. If anything is hard about it, it's bec…
  • I was directed towards your post when you mentioned asian medicine and have recently been reading about healing with chinese medicine through food. They mention raw food and its pros and cons and that it can be too 'cooling' and 'damp' of a diet. Th…
  • When people always approach me saying how raw food is always harder to digest than cooked down food, it reminds me that these are people that don't always know how to properly prepare raw food. For example, soaking nuts to get rid of the enzyme inhi…
    in No raw after 4 Comment by paige4
  • It sounds great so far! I would most definitely add more of the nut meal and take away possibly 1 cup of grated carrots. Maybe try patting dry your carrots after grating too? Other things I can think of are adding some coconut butter for firmness or…