delicious herb spread, great for bell peppers and raw crackers!

Recipe Directions

i didn’t use any measurements for this… i prepare things just for myself so i find most recipes are too large for just me, so i usually make things that will last me about two or three days at the most.

i just took all the ingredients as i thought of them and threw them into the blender and kept blending until smooth. you should experiment but i hope you like it! it was my first raw experiment where i said i was just going to see what would happen…

what i used:
a large handful of almonds, soaked for 2.5 hours
6 or so sundried tomatoes, soaked for 2.5 hours
two or three large spanish green olives
six or so slices of zucchini
half a clove of garlic
a thin slice of red onion
a handful of parsley
a handful of cinnamon basil
cayenne pepper
sea salt
nama shoyu
olive oil
a little bit of maple syrup

blend blend, push down, blend more, push down, blend and repeat until smooth keep tasting throughout to add more of the specific things you like, eat with bell pepper or some yummy raw crackers! or just with your fork!

Sobizaar's Thoughts

delicious herb spread, great for bell peppers and raw crackers!

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i have some almonds in my frig. just waiting to be used in this recipe... thanks!

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sounds good. can't wait to try this!!

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