Raw Easy Entrees

The Rawtarian's raw vegan entrees are quick to make and so satisfying. Favorite recipes in this section include raw vegan "pasta" primavera made with zucchini noodles. One of the best tips for quick dinners is to always have a nut pate, veggie burgers, salad topper or something exciting in the fridge ready to go. Being prepared is half the battle!

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Raw Salads and Salad Dressings

The Rawtarian's salads and dressings are all raw, vegan, and very satisfying. Favorites in this section include raw ranch dressing and raw vegan taco salad. The best salads feature just a few ingredients, a hearty topping (sliced avocado, mock tuna, etc) and a salad dressing. The perfect salad trifecta!

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Raw Savory Sauces and Condiments

The Rawtarian's savory sauces and condiments are the perfect embellishment to your raw vegan savory meals. From raw alfredo sauce, raw cheese sauce, raw ketchup and mayo, these condiments and savory sauces will dress up your entrees. Plus, many of these recipes pull double-duty and can be used as dips and sauces.

Raw Soups

All of The Rawtarian's soup recipes are raw, vegan and can be whipped up from scratch in less than 6 minutes. A blender is required for all soup recipes. But do not fear, these aren't cold raw soups. Blending in the blender warms them up! Her most popular soup recipe is raw celery soup.

Raw Salty Snacks

The Rawtarian's raw vegan salty snacks are perfect for nibbling on in front of the television or during your work day. Some of the recipes in this section require a dehydrator. Favorite recipes include kale chips and mock popcorn made from cauliflower florets. Snacking is an important part of your daily intake, so make sure to have salty snacks on hand to satisfy your snack needs.