Find easy raw meals to make & like. Get your kids to eat more raw food. Give up the beef. Resist unhealthy temptations. Get your family on board.

What if I could tell you that raw food is easy, fast and delicious? If you've experimented with raw food or know someone who has, you recognize how amazing raw food makes you feel and look.

Unfortunately, most raw recipes require too many ingredients, take too long to make and, worst of all, the final taste is rarely worth the effort. But you're in luck: Laura-Jane The Rawtarian is dedicated to protecting you from bad and complicated raw recipes. Since 2009, she has created, tested and compiled the simplest, most satisfying raw recipes to help you look and feel energetic and confident with minimal time in the kitchen. Plus, she has developed unique raw resources in an easy-to-use, instant format to suit your busy lifestyle and to make raw easier than ever for your fast, fresh raw transformation. 

Includes The Rawtarian's Newest Videos, Recipes, Courses and Ebooks:

Join "The Rawtarian's Kitchen" (TRK) for easy, satisfying, no-fail raw resources.

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  • You have a busy lifestyle.
  • You'd like to crave healthy foods but don't know how.
  • You want to wake up energized.
  • You want to avoid unwanted weight, health challenges and junk food cravings.
  • You don't want recipes that taste healthy.
  • You value your time, and you love to know the best quick, healthy shortcuts that will have maximum effects on your health and body.

What's Included in TRK: Bonuses, books, exclusive videos, recipes and so much more

Join The Rawtarian's Kitchen and get a unique combination of raw resources so that you can easily stick with raw to get the results you want. More than just ebooks, there are literally dozens of raw resources and benefits included in The Rawtarian's Kitchen (including integrated video footage of The Rawtarian guiding you along, exclusive easy members-only raw recipes, all of The Rawtarian's ebooks, online courses and guided challenges, handy shopping lists, an optional online community and more) - excellent value here in a wide-variety of formats to suit your busy lifestyle.

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What You'll Get Normal Price Included in The Rawtarian's Kitchen?
Low-Fat No Fuss Raw Vegan Cleanse Raw vegan meal plans and shopping lists for a clean raw reboot . (worth $39)  
Fresh In Ten Ebook 45+ easy, fast delicious fresh vegan recipes ready in ten minutes or less! (worth $30)  
Let Them Eat Raw! Cake Ebook The Rawtarian's best cake recipes: creamy freezer cakes, moist refrigerator cakes and warming pies. (worth $19)  
Raw Around the World Ebook The Rawtarian's best savory international raw recipes: Mexican. Asian and Italian dishes (worth $19)  
Dinner - Rawtarian Style Ebook 22 simple, satisfying savory recipes, including mouth-watering soups, salads and hearty, filling entrees (worth $19)  
Too Good To Be Raw: Desserts Ebook Whip up guilt-free raw desserts quickly with these 28 simple, satisfying raw dessert recipes (worth $19)  
The Rawtarian's Raw Staples Recipe Ebook 40 of the simplest and most satisfying raw food recipes, including breakfasts, lunches, dinner, smoothies and snacks (worth $19)  
Raw Cracker Starter Kit Ebook Raw crackers step-by-step - flaky and light (worth $9.95)  
Raw Dehydrating Staples Recipe Ebook 33 of the absolute easiest and tastiest raw dehydrator recipes. (worth $19)  
Raw pantry shopping lists Stock your pantry with the raw essentials. Cost effective, buy only what you actually need (worth $17)  
30-day raw food meal plan including realistic recipes and actual photos (available format: online and/or PDF format to take with you) (worth $39)  
Optional: Rawtarian certification for raw chefs, teachers and trainers Become a health leader in your community with Rawtarian certification and resources ($399 value)  
100+ members-only recipes in Rawtarian format Includes recipes, photos (plus the 100 Rawtarian classics) (worth $99)  
50+ members-only raw tutorial VIDEOS Over 200 minutes of never-before-seen close-up, intimate, high-definition raw video tutorials and motivation from The Rawtarian in her personal kitchen (over 50 members-only videos) (worth $99)  
Printable PDFs for members only Customize your own raw recipe book with over 190 simple, satisfying printable raw food recipes FAVORITE FEATURE  
Online course: Raw Baby Steps Program 6 new online training modules - easy to learn in bite-sized steps ($69 tuition included)  
Online course: 7-Day Raw Summer Challenge Take the 7-day raw challenge this summer. ($69 tuition included)  
Online course: 30-Day Raw Food Diet Plan 13 new online training modules - easy to learn in bite-sized steps ($129 tuition included)  
Online course: Raw Dehydrating 101 8 new online training modules - easy to learn in bite-sized steps ($129 tuition included)  
Rawtarian's 11 Best Simple Recipes EbookPerfect for beginners: breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert BONUS  
Raw Condiments Recipe Ebook 10 useful raw condiment recipes including savory (ketchup, white cheese sauce, pesto, pizza sauce etc) and sweet (strawberry sauce, whipped cream etc) + more BONUS  
Online course: Raw Food A to Z 20 online training modules to take you all the way to raw master (BONUS $199 tuition value)  
Members-only forumsFor raw Q&As, friendships, appliance recommendations and recipe sharing BONUS  
Monthly raw food challenges Friendly members-only monthly raw food challenges for accountability and support FAVORITE FEATURE  
INVESTMENTSave over $1100 and transform your life, mind and body. Valued at: $1257.95 As low as $19.95 per month.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: There's a LOT of information inside the The Rawtarian's Kitchen. How much will it cost?
Get access to every recipe, course, ebook and resource right now. For way less than the cost of a 1-day raw food course, you'll be tapping into the easiest, most satisfying raw food recipes and resources to make your raw journey easier and quicker from the comfort of your own home. Honestly, it’s a no-brainer.
Q. Can you subscribe for one month, download everything and then cancel?
Yes. Download and keep what you want, even if you cancel. No questions asked.
Q. Can you get a refund if you decide this isn't for you?
Yes, absolutely. The Rawtarian offers a full 100% refund within 30 days. No risk here.
Q. What are other people saying about The Rawtarian?
Laura-Jane The Rawtarian has been creating raw resources, ebooks and courses since 2009. Below is a tiny selection of the hundreds of emails, testimonials and life-changes she has been a part of. And she'd love to help you take the next step on your raw journey.

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About The Rawtarian:

Laura-Jane The Rawtarian is a leading creator of simple, satisfying raw food recipes.

Laura-Jane is the host of The Raw Food Podcast and has spoken at the BlogHer Food Conference in Miami, FL and the Canadian Food Bloggers Conference in Vancouver, BC. Her recipes have been featured in the National Post newspaper, Vegan Life magazine, and The Huffington Post. Her recipe apps, ebooks and raw-related resources have made raw food easier to incorporate for thousands around the globe.

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