Raw Smoothies

All of The Rawtarian's smoothie recipes are raw, vegan and easy to make. A blender is required for each smoothie recipe. Remember, when making your raw smoothie place the soft ingredients (like bananas or sliced peaches) in first, and add the hard ingredients (ice, frozen fruit, etc) last. This way your blender will be the least likely to jam up. And remember the golden rule: Always rinse your blender immediately after using, and never store leftovers in the blender itself. This way you won't have a dirty blender on your hands!

Raw Breakfasts

All of The Rawtarian's breakfast recipes are raw, vegan and easy to make. And they use simple, inexpensive ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store. The Rawtarian's most popular breakfast recipe is The Rawtarian's Raw Breakfast Bowl, or a green smoothie, of course!

Raw Nut Milks and Nut Butters

The Rawtarian's raw vegan nut milk and nut butter recipes are super quick to make. The easiest nut milk recipe to start with is cashew milk, since no straining is required. When it comes to nut butter, nut butters are best made in a food processor since a blender requires so much liquid to get started.