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  • Good for you littlebirdie. Welcome aboard.
  • Thanks achin70. Yes, some days it feels like an uphill climb but it is getting easier. Thanks for the encouragement.
  • Thanks guys. Both of your responses are helpful. I think I need to slow down on the spinach and bananas and mix things up a bit. I do tend to eat the same thing over and over again. I skipped my green smoothie this morning, focusing on cold water, b…
    in Upset stomach Comment by SarahJ
  • I think I might have an idea. I’m can’t remember for sure about the last time but this time I drank some coffee yesterday. Normally it’s a no no for me but yesterday I was feeling tired and had two during the day. I had it with cream and sugar (norm…
    in Upset stomach Comment by SarahJ
  • Welcome to Gone Raw gramalama. You will find loads of information and loads of support here. Any questions, just ask…..someone is always ready and willing to help.
    in you r what u eat Comment by SarahJ
  • Sad but true. :)
    in maple syrup Comment by SarahJ
  • Dinner time is the hardest for me – especially if I am hungry. My best friend is the green smoothie. It cuts the hunger and allows me to make better choices in the evening. Sometimes it’s all I need. Chilove made a suggestion of carrying lots of foo…
  • Hi. I have lost 12 pounds so far. Once I increase my exercise, I’m sure I will drop more. Welcome and good luck.
  • I drink tea about twice a week. It’s just to change things up a little bit. My favourite is mint tea with lime juice and honey. Yum.
  • Hi Moth. You are fighting the age old battle…..not the weight battle…..the self-esteem battle. One of the hardest things to do is to love and accept yourself EXACTLY as you are – free of judgement and criticism. Be kind to yourself first and be your…
  • Special thanks to Kandace and Ray. You guys make it so easy. This must be an enormous amount of work and you give it freely and willingly. Unbelievable. Your positive karma is growing by leaps and bounds. :)
  • I have heard that the yellowish colour around your pupil is sometimes an indication of your bodies toxicity. If this is true then the more you detox, the less yellow you should have. I did have an experience when I was on a fruit fast. I didn’t make…
  • Fantastic – thanks very much.
  • These are fantastic tips. I like the one about carrying more food than you could ever need. I think this is important for me. I need to have something to eat during those ‘emergency’ situations – have to work late, stop by somewhere on the way home,…
  • I absolutely love the Rich Cheddar Sauce on this site. I bring it to work and my colleagues love it. The nutritional yeast isn’t raw but I will sacrifice the little bit for the amazing flavour.
    in Dips? Comment by SarahJ
  • I would love to be 100% raw, right now, forever – I know it’s the best way to eat for me. Realistically though, it just isn’t going to happen like that. I love food. That’s just all there is to it. Since choosing mostly raw food I have made huge cha…
    in Cooked food! Comment by SarahJ
  • I didn’t realize how many things have a smell until I first of all quit smoking (2 years now) and then went raw. Who knew that paper had a smell, or scotch tape, or books? It is amazing to me. It can also be not so good when people around you have f…
  • Yeah Luna – good for you. And yes, I agree with Angie, thanks for sharing. The changes are truly remarkable and getting better every day. I so pleased for you. :)
    in The best day ever! Comment by SarahJ
  • Wow KM, it sounds like you have some challenges. I have not done a water fast myself so I won’t be able to offer much in the way of help however I would like to voice my concerns about your water supply. Is there any way that you could store some wa…
  • You have that right Worley. Somehow puts it in perspective. Thanks
    in the "cure" for all. Comment by SarahJ
  • Have him start on some green smoothies with lots of spinach – he will be fine. Hey chilove, how’s Hawaii treating you? Those of us in chilly Canada are very envious.
  • Hi Kelly. I haven’t made this particular recipe but similar ones call for 2-3 Tbsps of oil. I would start with that and then add maybe 1/2 tsp of sea salt. I hope that helps. So many of these recipes are trial and error, stop and taste and adjust to…
  • Thanks runnagurl. I am going to try it.
  • Are there any approximate measurements for making this? I would like to try it.
  • Thanks for posting this question. I was wondering the same thing.
  • LMAO Zooey. Well, we did ask for a smiling picture – I guess we should have specified a smiling picture of YOU. Way too funny.
  • Stay strong Zooey – it will be over soon. You poor thing – not only did you have to go to the crazy food mill place but then you had to endure raw jokes. Sending good Karma your way. :)
  • I spite of the obvious (he’s smart, good looking and VERY energetic), I think we may all be dipping into the Maca root a bit too much. hahahahahahaha
    in David Wolfe!! Comment by SarahJ
  • Wow, you guys are doing so well. Congratulations. I had a better day today – feel empowered and in control. I had a second smoothie at 2:00 this afternoon – seemed to make a huge difference. I am going to continue with this to see if it can help me …
  • Oh man, this week has been the worst yet. I start out well but things go slowly downhill throughout the day. I tried Chilove’s idea of carrying lots of food with me for the day (which worked well) but then went and had dinner with my Dad tonight (wh…