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  • Aww, thanks! You guys are so nice. I am health conscious and i do work out a lot. but your right, listening to my body is a good way to go! :0) Thanks!
    in Fat intake Comment by thegymbum19
  • thanks! good to know. my coconut oil was a liquid when i bought it… so i guess it was just the room temperature, which makes sense. haha :0)
  • what is maca powder and where do i buy it? i went to the health food store to buy it, well what i thought was maca was really matcha. sooo… now im on the hunt to find maca.
  • I understand you completely. I used to have problems like that too. But I’ve been reading this book called The Raw Gourmet- by Nomi Shannon and I found that this book is really helpful when it comes to food pairing. Here are her rules: 1. Drink liq…
    in food combining Comment by thegymbum19
  • Thank you!!!!! That helps a lot :0)
    in Raw bread Comment by thegymbum19
  • I am just curious… what is rejuvelac good for? I mean, what are the nutritional properties of it?
  • no! not a dumb question! :0) grind the flax first. it absorbs into your body better then whole flax seeds (or at least thats what i’ve read).
    in Lunch tips? Comment by thegymbum19
  • haha I;m the same way… I have NO idea what to get my boyfriend for the holidays…. But if you get lucky sometimes they will drop hints… lol for example, my boyfriends loves back rubs and scalp massages. so I’m buying him a spa package (to get a gentl…
  • thanks for the reply! i just threw them out. I will try yet again… haha I just bought a book called the sprouting book by ann wigmore. so far its interesting and very helpful. i’m hoping the next batch will work. I sprouted quinoa and buckwheat and …
  • thats a good idea (putting it in a spray bottle). and yes, it is good on everything. haha also does it have to be refrigerated?
    in liquid aminos Comment by thegymbum19
  • thanks for the replies! Looks like i wont be buying it anymore…. haha
    in liquid aminos Comment by thegymbum19
  • I would like to try the master cleanse as well. It’ll be my first time. What are the ingredients and the measurements? Thanks!
  • thanks! I will be sure to look into buying one! _
    in dehydrator Comment by thegymbum19
  • I’m from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada…