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  • Medjool dates are a great natural sweetener. Ah if that’s even what you’re asking?? LOL;) Pineapple is an excellent compliment to mangoes also with raspberries too.
  • Welcome Aharmer:)
  • Has cool as a cucumber been said?
    in Veggie phrases Comment by Angela33
  • a negative regarding weight “porky” .. He’s getting your goat?? I’m not sure if that’s the right phrase or not.
    in Veggie phrases Comment by Angela33
  • ” I’m kinda a big dill” LOL now that’s funny!!!! Grapes gone wild…
    in Veggie phrases Comment by Angela33
  • I don’t know if it’s my ‘mantra’ but I use it often, Got positive energy? As opposed to Got Milk.. yuck! Or “Do onto others as you would have others do onto you”... The Golden Rule, It’s an oldie, but goodie:)
  • I will be using Naggage!! What a great word:) Love it….........!
    in Moody? Comment by Angela33
  • Yes, while it may be true that is a raw website site, I don’t think everyone is 100% Raw. There are a lot of people on here who are transitioning from a SAD. They may not be 100% and that’s o.k. b/c every little bit counts. What’s really important i…
    in Turmeric? Comment by Angela33
  • I moved to West Palm Beach to get out of the crazy Maine winters. I lived there for a few years until meeting my husband. We were just in Maine a few weeks ago for a wedding. It snowed well over a foot and a few days later another foot…...... Now I’…
  • I love Adirondack Chairs and I have some too… Can you tell I miss Maine even though I was just there??
  • I grew up in MAINE:) I live in British Columbia now…......................... Maine is gorgeous & the people are great.. Not that I’m partial or anything!
  • One more thing, listen to your body.. If you feel full then you are. Also, I increase mangoes, oranges and grapefruit….. I don’t know if someone posted that or not;)
  • I know it must be frustrating for you, as I have been trying to lose weight too. I must note though for me it was a change in my mindset regarding ‘losing weight.’ I really had to retrain my brain b/c it’s not about losing weight really, it’s really…
  • Yes, I feel this way & it’s such a foreign concept for my brain to absorb. We as culture have been taught to eat in such an unhealthy manner. ‘Make sure you eat everything off your plate’.....
  • Welcome Rabbit:) Green smoothies all the way. I love the way they make me feel.
    in Raw for a month Comment by Angela33
  • Samilicious:) I am going to Art’s Nursery to buy my flowers, shrubs & organic soil. Art’s is located on 8940 192nd Street in Surrey. If you have any questions they are very helpful:) So, do you know where Clayton High School is?? It’s around or …
  • Yeah, I love spring and it’s here in beautiful BC:) My hubby and I are on a mission today to pick up some fruit trees, strawberries, and whatever I can get my hands on. We moved into our house in October, so there is a fresh backyard waiting to be d…
  • I’m just across the border in Canada… I wished I was closer.
  • Here is a good site for sprouting as well…:) http://www.btinternet.com/bury_rd/sprout.htm
    in Sprouting Comment by Angela33
  • My cat drinks my smoothies:)... And she really climbs all over to me to get at it, so??
    in Raw pet food Comment by Angela33
  • five including myself… Samillicious I live in Langley! So, now you know 1!
  • Yes, that would be wonderful! I live in the ‘Greater Vancouver Area’.. There is nothing in way of potlucks out my way:)
  • Slosh-uh ‘a bag of funions’ I chuckled out loud when I read what you wrote:) Thank you everyone for your support! Even though I am always homesick from Maine, I am glad to be at my current home here in Canada. My grammy, the food pioneer has a vinta…
  • It made me very bloated! I ate a cheese pizza and a lobster roll. So, the bread combined with the cheese was a bad combo for me. I didn’t feel sick I just felt bloated. I also ate a homemade pumpkin donut, seriously.. I went all out.
  • 33…............How the heck did this happen?
    in How old are you? Comment by Angela33
  • I’ve lost almost 14 lbs in 1.5 months:) I walk everyday and that’s about it! I need to lose 5 more and I’ll be good to go…............ My green smoothies vary from day to day. Today for example: 2 cups of water 2 cups of Earthbound Spring Mix 2 la…
  • Thanks everyone:)
  • Mham..going raw for me was a smooth transition. I was eating lots of fruits and veggie anyway, but I was eating ‘some’meat too. I did however, immediately feel the difference when I did the change over. I’m so thankful I did.
  • Hello CTcyclist. I pour my water into my Klean Kanteen. http://www.kleankanteen.com/ It’s a stainless steel water bottle, I love it! My water bottle holds 40 oz.
  • What’s up CONVERT?? Kisses:)
    in Newbie needs tips Comment by Angela33