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  • Look into Paw Paw. I know 2 people taking it in place of chemotherapy.  
  • I honestly believe that if something is "steamed" ok cooked with a lid on it, the nutrients don't escape... but I also believe that tea is very beneficial. Everytime I drink green tea, it cleans out my bowels immediately. But teas can work different…
  • I use a natural sunscreen with hemp oil from Burt's Bees. It's only SPF 15 but it helps as long as you don't stay out too long. I also wear a hat, sunglasses to prevent macular degeneration / glucoma, and keep my shoulders covered since they burn mo…
  • I would say that if you really like popcorn, just keep eating it but in moderation. Have just one small bowl every night.  
  • Great question! Ha ha ha
  • I wasn't even aware of rawfood deliveries, I am from Canada. Thanks for this post! I am sorry I can;t be of much help however. Did you try to Google "Raw food delivery Germany"? http://www.healthyfoodrawdiet.com
  • It could just be some type of intolerance. Like how some bodies can't handle lactose... same type of thing.  
  • Swayze, thank you so much for clearing this up. I have been so worried about what's been stuck inside me and i could never afford any colon cleansers - plus I didn't trust them... I am so glad to know what you said about never witnessing any layers …
  • Using ginger shampoo or taking ginger baths or taking ginger supplements can help psoriasis. I was diagnosed a few years ago after years of doctors thinking I had eczema. It seemed to help.  
  • I am curious as well. You can always try anything with hydrocortozone in it, which stops the itch instantly. Just a tiny amount is all you need. Marilyn
    in Itching Scar Comment by raw foods
  • If your bruise has a purple or blue undertone, you can bend an orange colored lipstick to cancel out the color, before putting on your concealer and then coverup- this of course, after you use a cold compress to bring down swelling
  • HI, The night before last, I experienced something so frightening... so I know what you feel. I've never been pregnant and I'm not pregnant, and this never happened before but I noticed clear liquid in both cups of my bra.. and I noticed they were l…
  • I also think it would depend on the author. Sometimes when I write a recipe I actually mean *after* they've been soaked... http://www.healthyfoodrawdiet.com
  • Yes! I have quite a few natural cures on my blog: http://www.healthyfoodrawdiet.com It can be found at: http://healthyfoodrawdiet.com/natural-cures/cure-diarrhea-the-natural-way.html
  • I have thick and straight/slightly wavy hair and haven't used any product in my hair (other than getting it colored) for about ten years. I still have the same problem. What my stylist told me to do was to always wash hair in cold water. Shower in w…
  • You should try stevia instead of sugar :) http://www.healthyfoodrawdiet.com
  • i agree with TreeofLife, you don't need to buy a compost bin.  
  • It's totally possible. You probably have less body fat to keep you warm now that you've gone raw! 
    in Freezing on Raw? Comment by raw foods
  • I am so glad that there are people who know how bad pasteurization is! I've been dealing with a lot of people debating me about whether the eFusion energy drinks are healthy or not. Of course I know they aren't, but people buy into marketing scams t…
  • I agree with Wichten. Start off slowly and eventually you can go completely raw  
  • It's difficult. When I first started, during my first week I had to go to an all you can eat buffet. I lost control and but after than got back to eating raw only. You'll do fine.  
  • Many people get this feeling too, in fact they thought it was blood they were tasting but couldn't see any blood at all. It's a totally normal thing to taste the metal. http://www.healthyfoodrawdiet.com
  • You can exfoliate every so often with sea salt which gives your skin an incredible glow. Do this only twice a month or so, though. Too much can irritate and cause your skin to dry up.  
  • Great post. It really does feel great first switching to raw. If anyone is ever of need of some great raw food recipes and tips, there is a great blog with tons of content on raw and superfoods: http://healthyfoodrawdiet.com. Good luck!
    in New To Gone Raw Comment by raw foods
  • I have to agree with superfood2, lol. How can it be a new-age way of eating? People have been doing it since the beginning of time and pretty much up until the modern era  
  • It's hard to do... my blog http://healthyfoodrawdiet.com offers a free video by David Wolfe (raw foods expert) and he talks about discipline and how to change your diet easily. Hopefully it will help you!
  • Have you tried St. John's Wort?  
    in Depression Help Comment by raw foods
  • Hi, I used to weight 105 lbs until I was about 21 and put on tons of weight. I'm only 5'2" and got up to 130 lbs, which, if you've spent your life being petite is quite depressing. My husband is so far from raw. He'll eat a medium rare steak, and th…
  • I would drink wine. Wine has been around for thousands of years, and some diets depend on wine for health reasons.  
  • frozen banana with coconut milk, pineapple and cherries!