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  • Chia pudding is fairly low calorie and due to the fiber content will help fill you up.  
  • Have you ever tracked how much calories you average daily? Eating full raw vegan is hard to get the required calories daily as it requires consuming such a large volume of food.  
  • Yeah the cut thickness can really make a huge difference in regards to crispness i find. You want it thin but not too thin for making crisps.
  • Pain under the right rib can be from a number of issues such as gallstones to a pulled muscle. If it is bothering you or getting worse, it would be wise to go see a doctor.  
  • I know its not a green vegetable but carrots are considered a very bioavailable source of calcium. Bioavailibility is a very important factor and can to some extent be more so than how much calcium a food contains.  
  • Raisins and figs as suggested would be a good choice.  
  • Fiber is essential for bile formation which keeps the gallbladder healthy by promoting bile flow.  
  • Thanks for the comment Chef Shuanna. Yeah they are very popular among the health movement but personally i don't feel they are safe and they don't work in the way they say they do. I should have posted this picture in the article but here is a imag…
  • I use the vega sports protein after workout for an extra protein boost. Definitley helps with recovery and gains. I will never be without a concentrated protein powder post workout as long as i do weight lifting.  
  • I wouldn't personally from a nutrition point of view completely replace them but they do accompany salad greens well. Sprouts tend to be higher in protein also.  
  • Welcome to the forum:).
  • Fruit can help you get enough calories and increase your protein in turn. I like to include some raw seaweed also, nori for example is low in fat and contains around 1g of protein per sheet.  
  • Michelle, when i get a moment i will ask my herbalist guy. I suspect he will say supporting the adrenal glands is a wise idea due to it being an inflammatory disorder and the adrenal glands play a big role in inflammation.  
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  • I take it you mean ganglion cyst on your wrist, the cause of these are still largely unknown. Clay such as bentonite taken internally has produced some decent results in some with ganglion cysts. A sluggish lymphatic system is also linked to cyst …
  • Just watch out for thyroid blood tests as they can be quite inaccurate. Testing basal body temperature first thing in the morning is a much better indicator of how the thyroid is functioning along with symptoms of course.  
  • There are many different reasons for increased prolactin such as hypothyroidism, PCOS etc. Does your sister have any diagnosed conditions or other symptoms that would indicate hypothyroidism etc?  
  • Yeah sounds like you were eating enough meat to meet your b12 needs then. If you doctor hasnt already id have him check out if there is an absorption issue going on. Take Care  
    in vitamin B12 Comment by powerlifer
  • Not a prob TheBajan glad to help if i can:), Were you 100% vegan before embarking on the raw lifestyle or did you still consume meat? If you regularly ate meat and still had low b12 over the years it could be likely that you have absorption problems…
    in vitamin B12 Comment by powerlifer
  • Don't hold off anyway, b12 deficiency can cause irreversible nervous system damage which is something you don't want to happen. Also bear in mind most brands of nutritional yeast aren't fortified with vitamin b12 but are rich in B group vitamins. I…
    in vitamin B12 Comment by powerlifer
  • Unfortunately minus fortified vegan foods there is no viable source as eecho says. If you want to stay 100% vegan then your choices are pill(sublingual is best), injection or fortified foods such as some brands of nutritional yeast, some cereals et…
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  • Wheatgrass can cause this reaction in some sadly, it is pretty powerful especially undiluted. Might be a good idea to mix it with a weak green juice such as cucumber/celery and start with a smaller amount of wheatgrass. If in doubt see your doctor…
  • The symptoms of excess stomach acid/heart burn is actually most commonly from a lack of stomach acid. The water dilutes the stomach acid. If you have anything bitter foods/herbs around try making them come in contact with the back of your tongue(bit…
  • The problem with juices is that they lack the fiber to slow down the absorption of sugars. This can cause problems with insulin spikes. If you are a fan of juicing then adding a little external fiber source or looking for a juicer that retains some…
  • Weight lifting done properly can be a great tool for weight loss due to it stimulating resting metabolism. My favorite raw protein is by sunwarrior, its very smooth, digestible and has a great amino acid profile.  
    in Supplements Comment by powerlifer
  • Really to be honest supplements are purely what the name suggests a supplement to an already good diet. It depends what your goals if your training extra protein is very helpful to weight training athletes etc. If its just to improve general health…
    in Supplements Comment by powerlifer
  • Haha no problems:), as far as supplement goes we finally managed to get shilajit in which is a mineral adaptogen that contains 70+ minerals. Shilajit is known as "the destroyer of weakness". Im half way through the bottle and so far really enjoying …
    in Supplements Comment by powerlifer
  • Ive tried it in the past:) and yeah its the best quality MSM supplement ive came across to date plus derived from plant sources so 100% vegan.  
    in Supplements Comment by powerlifer
  • Sure, MSM is a pretty decent supplement with a variety of health benefits such as increasing energy, relieving joint pain aswell as being a component in cartilage, tendon and joint formation, promoting detoxification and much more.  
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  • Eating enough calories from healthy food can help cut the cravings. Most of the cravings are psychological and pass with time