The Rawtarian says:

"This short module shows you how to take an online course!"

This first module explains how to take this online course and familiarizes you with this effective learning system. You can take this course as quickly or slowly as you like. Modules will unlock as you complete them. This is Module 1.

Notice the list of modules on the right-hand side of this page? Can you see them? You probably can't click on many of them right now because you must complete this module (Module 1) before proceeding to Module 2, but as you unlock modules you'll use the Course Progress sidebar a lot.

Once you have finished reading this module, then you are going to click "completed." Then you can proceed to the next module.

Just by reading this page you have completed Module 1!


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To get to the next module, simply "complete" this module by clicking "complete" below. Then you will automatically proceed to the next module. (You can easily go back to completed modules at any time.)