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  • thanks achin, thats great info! i’ll stay away from pinneapple then. pianissima, that sounds good!
  • I’ve only heard about being able to eat pinneapple, cherries, grapefruit and pomegranates, but i havent read anything about it yet from a reputable source. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. That would be great to include those in my diet.
  • nope. the only fruit i can eat are granny smith apples and berries.
  • mmm i love frozen grapes! thats how i store them now. i cant eat a whole bag by myself in a week or so. so freeze them! yum yum yum.
  • i’ve made some really awesome cocao/date/nut/coconut balls before, they’re super filling, very sweet and hit the spot when my bf tempts me with his doughnuts!
  • I’m not sure if this was mentioned already, i read the first page but felt too overwhelmed to read the rest. the china study by dr. collin t campbell is an amazing book about the research behind animal proteins and disease if anyone is curious about…
    in Why no milk? Comment by hi_im_kelsi
  • this has been so incredibly helpful. thank you to everyone whos responded!! i came on here because of an acne breakout after stopping hbc(hormonal birth control) in january. i have NEVER had acne, and ever since going vegetarian 10 years ago, vegan …
    in Healing acne Comment by hi_im_kelsi
  • there is a sale right now at the excalibur website. i got the 5 tray one with a free 10 year warranty, free 2 paraflexx sheets, free how to book, and a 50$ discount. its only until may 31st. but i got the 5 tray one with the timer for 209$. i really…
    in Dehydrators Comment by hi_im_kelsi
  • I found that the tea helped, but i was also on a candida diet at the time. Both of those things together got rid of my candida!
  • i love dinner, i come home from work and just want to get my mind off of things, so i immerse myself in making an awesome dinner. looking up recipes, going to the grocery store, getting into comfy clothes, eating an awesome well deserved meal, then …
    in Meals? Comment by hi_im_kelsi
  • guten tag! i’ve been working on eating at least one raw meal a day, first i started with a raw breakfast. either a couple pieces of fruit, or a fruit/nut/date salad if i have more time. then after a while, i craved raw dinners as well. (my lunch usu…
  • i’ve been reading a lot about FAM birth control, it talks about skipping periods because one does not ovulate. it said that its quite possible that ones body simply continues to produce progesterone and does not produce enough estrogen for the ovari…
  • i’m a elementary school music teacher, but not quite raw, just dabbling. my coworkers think i’m wacky as it is being vegan. when i told a coworker of mine that i was starting with RAW foods, she said “are you trying to kill yourself?” uh. yeah.
  • i havent made any yet, but i’ve been planning on making this one because it sounds so delish to me! raw black forest 3/4 c packed dates 3/4 c water or coconut water 1 3/4 lbs cherries pitted plus 1 c chopped cherries 1 c cashews 1/2 c unsweetene…
  • i teach little kids and they think my smoothies are so funny. but not in a bad way, in a “i’m a kid and i think eating purple ketchup is AWESOME!!!’ kind of way. i wish all people had open minds like they do.
  • i was on the patch and then the nuva ring for 3 years, it was great at the beginning, especially the nuva ring, it had such low amounts of hormones. but after a while it would make me itchy, give me yeast infections and i ended up NEVER having sex b…
    in Birth Control? Comment by hi_im_kelsi
  • ah probably not. i dont post too much, i most more at www.vegweb.com. the ppk is overwhelming, but the pictures are awesome! thats a good point about the fattyness of all the nuts in the dish. i’ll see what i can find!
  • also if you keep onions in the fridge, the cold keeps them from stinging your eyes. not sure how it works, but it does!
  • yes! they were right next to apples! ah ha! thanks
  • i just got the cherries at the local grocery store. the closest ‘natural’ store with organic food and an abundance of raw ingredients is an hour and a half away, so i settled for these, thought they might do the trick, but i guess not! i think theyr…
  • i just ordered from this company http://www.bulkfoods.com/ , cant say anything about them yet because i haven’t gotten my shipment, but i can say that they’re pretty cheap.
  • i’ve been vegan for 4 years now and i have never heard of it causing hair loss! hmm. I agree with raw voice, I wouldnt jump to conclusions about protein. We, as americans, actualy get WAY too much protein. As long as you have a balanced diet of bean…
    in meet your meat Comment by hi_im_kelsi
  • food not bombs is a vegan organization. they dumpster dive food, then prepare it for free for the public. theres one in dallas. http://www.foodnotbombs.net/texas.html it probably wont all be raw, but itll be pretty close! or at least something.
  • i’m an elementary school music teacher, hoping to study music therapy and start my own school. horay for future plans!
  • deborahann, i just graduated from IUP! i was there for 5 years. wow, it would have been really neat to meet a raw vegan, or maybe we have met and i just dont remember. the only thing i really miss about indiana was the amish store just outside of in…
    in Raw Teenagers Comment by hi_im_kelsi
  • i’m just gonna jump in here, after reading this exact thread about a month ago, i stopped using shampoo. i just use water. i had been using dr. bronners or a natural bar of soap to wash my hair for, oh, the past 5 years. when i stopped using it, the…