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Cut the tops and bottoms off the apples and peel off the skins. Take two apples and stack them on top of each other. Cut one end of the 3rd apple to a point, making a cone shape. Set aside.

Slice your two bananas, leaving the ends about an inch and a half(unless you are using strawberries). Make 3 stacks of the banana slices, two for the sides of the apple stack and one for the back.

Dust 3 banana tops and the apple cone in cinamon. If you are using strawberries and not banana tops then do not dust the strawberries. Leave a thin slice of apple to cut out a cinamon covered door. Top the apple stack with the dusted apple cone and the 3 banana stacks witht the 3 dusted banana ends or strawberry tops. Cut out your apple door and place in the front. Make an inscision in the apple cone's point and insert your pecan or almond flag. Top the 3 banana tops with hazelnuts.

Drizzle honey over castle.

You can also make a castle using one apple as a base with shorter banana stacks.

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More Fun kid recipes of mine can be found at by clicking on the link Recipes At Play. Enjoy

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