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I just watched the documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" for the second time and was very moved - for the second time!

The film is about the power of juice fasting - where one consumes nothing but fresh juice for a set period of time. If you haven't seen this movie, it's a very "easy" watch that focuses more on personal stories than on a lot of heavy nutritonal info. I highly recommend watching it if you are looking for an inspirational, make-you-smile documentary that is light on the actual nutrition info.

Inspiring, funny and heartfelt, the film chronicles one Australian man's journey across the US as he loses over 80 pounds, cures himself of a chronic illness, and helps change lives across the way.

- Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead DVD Cover

The first half of the film tells the story of Joe Cross, the creator (and star) of the film who lost 80 pounds throughout the making of the movie. However, for me, the real gem of this film was the second half, which chronicles the story of Phil - a trucker who somewhat randomly gets swept up into this documentary.

I am not an avid juicer, although I do eat a raw food diet and have done so for 3 years. However, many people are first introduced to raw foods when coming off a juice fast - perhaps their first one. Interestingly, it was a common under-current throughout the film that most people who successfully complete a substantial juice fast no longer want to eat the heavy, greasy diets of their past. And they are then introduced to raw food when looking for healthy, living food (as opposed to juice) to eat.

One of the great things about juicing is that it is an excellent way to reboot your system. However, juice fasting (or juice "feasting" as some call it!) isn't something that is sustainable so it's important to have an arsenal of healthy raw recipes that work for you after the juice fast is complete.

One of the main reasons why I find this movie personally inspirational is the fact that Joe Cross's fleeting, happenstance meeting with Phil is so random. And yet it completely sends Phil's life into a new direction - for the better. I feel that in a tiny way that is what I am trying to do here with my website: And thus, this movie brings me to (happy) tears every time.

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