This is a fun 28-day challenge! This challenge is perfect for you if you already have some experience making raw food but are looking to get back in the groove. Each week gets progressively more advanced, but no dehydrator is required.

We start with a 7-day raw smoothie challenge, then move up the ladder to two weeks of basic raw recipes, then your last week we move up the ladder again by introducing you to some more delicious and slightly more challenging recipes.

Recipes in this plan include mock "tuna salad" wraps, raw homestyle tomato soup, raw mock "chicken salad", raw Japanese rolls, raw rice pudding, raw strawberry cheesecake and raw brownies.

Congrats! You've just completed the up-the-ladder challenge! What's next? Get gourmet!
Equipment List: 
Blender, Food Processor
Raw Smoothie Week
Basic Raw Food Week
Basic Raw Food Week
Raw for Food Lovers Week (Intermediate)
Optional Weeks: 
Dehydrator Week