Recipe Directions

1. Open up a young coconut and set water and meat aside. How do you open a young coconut? Check it out steps and pictures here:
2. Put meat and other WHIPPED CREAM ingredients into the blender and mix until creamy and set aside.
1. Remove pits from dates
2. Add dates and all CRUMBLE TOPPING ingredients to the food processor and pulse until crumbly. Do not over process.
3. Set topping aside.
1. Place all ingredients minus one of the bananas into the blender and mix until creamy
2. Set aside.
Now it's time to ASSEMBLE your delicious masterpiece.
1. Find a nice wine glass or bowl (it's fun if it's clear so you can see the layers)
2. Spoon some CRUMBLE TOPPING into the bottom of your glass
3. Add a layer of BANANA PUDDING
4. Slice the remaining banana and create a layer of the slices on top of the pudding
5. Add a layer of WHIPPED CREAM
6. Repeat process until you have filled your glass
7. Top it off wih a banana slice and a pinch of CRUMBLE TOPPING
8. Grab a spoon and go to town.
NOTE: You can make about 8-10 bite sized servings if you use votive glasses.

Inspiredbyeverything's Thoughts

I was raised on sweets. My grandparents had a colossal candy cabinet and bowls of colorful sugary goodness all over the house. It's almost part of my DNA, the sweets. So even though I have shifted into a greater awareness of what I put into my body, there is no need to ignore my pal, Mr. Sweet Tooth. I have played around with many recipes and have finally Frankensteined the tastiest Banana Pudding Parfait (cue the lightning bolt). This recipe incorporates all natural, enzyme-rich ingredients that your body wants, including natural sugars, so take any guilt and kick it out the door.
For a detailed recipe with step-by-step instructions and photos visit:
There are three main components to this recipe:
Crumble Topping, Vanilla Whipped Cream and Banana Pudding. The Vanilla Whipped Cream is optional, but super delicious if you are up for opening a young coconut, which is easier than it sounds.

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This looks amazing... my only obstacle might be the coconut, but it sure looks like it could be worth the footwork :)

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Wow, this looks really GOOD! Thanks for sharing!

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I would try soaked raw cashews and/or soaked macadamia nuts in lieu of the coconut for the whipped cream. I'd probably go macadamia to differentiate the flavors from the pudding, but a combo of both or just cashews would still work great. I definitely think strawberries would be delicious....I wouldn't adjust anything, really. Just keep mixing the berries in and taste along the way til you find out how many berries work for a tasty pudding.
You'll have to let me know how it turns out :)
Good luck and have fun!

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Wow! Inspired, you have just solved a major problem for me. I've made banana trifles (sometimes strawberry) for friends and family for years (cool whip, vanilla wafers or cake layers, pudding, bananas), and have been meaning to try to rawify it. Then you come along and do all the work for me. I'm absolutely delighted. In the recipe box it goes, and out it will come when we have our next "eating meeting".
Are there any adjustments you would recommend if I want to use strawberries instead of bananas?
Young coconuts are not available locally. In a pinch, is there a young coconut substitute for the whipped cream topping?

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