Very delectable raw macaroons. “The best raw food you ever made” –Deb “They really are!” –Alex

Recipe Directions

Basically you’re mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl and then spooning out ping-pong-sized gobs onto a dehydrator tray and letting that baby run at 115? overnight. That said, here are some specifics:
The coconut meat i used was prepackaged blended+dehydrated young coconut meat from Awesome Foods ( In theory you could use fresh young coconut meat (ooh, saucy!) but that probably will effect dehydration time and possibly texture.
Also all the measurements are my best estimations from two days later (i wasn’t even attempting to make macaroons), so you really just have to do everything to your own taste. The beauty of dehydrated foods is that the mixtures usually taste like the final product. However, I noticed the liquid form tasted much sweeter than the final most likely because I was using liquid sweeteners.

Mangos4all's Thoughts

Very delectable raw macaroons.
“The best raw food you ever made” –Deb
“They really are!” –Alex

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12 young coconut meat? I assume this does not mean 12 young coconuts. :) Just a typo? Maybe 1 to 2 cups young coconut meat?

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