Recipe Directions

1. Mix agave, cocoa (I used more of this than the carob for a chocolaty taste), and carob powder in a separate bowl until a thick sauce forms. I made about 3/4 cup.
2. Blend banana until smooth. Add the nut butters and blend again.
3. Add the chocolate sauce you made in the first step to the blended banana and nut butters. Blend until the texture and colors are uniform.
4. Grease a glass pan and pour the mixture in it. Add some nuts on top of the fudge if you wish. I added hazelnuts because I used to love Nutella.
5. Freeze for a couple of hours.
The amounts of ingredients here don't matter. The only somewhat important thing is that the texture comes out similar (very smooth consistency) to the one shown in the picture. Mine turned out extremely sweet.

Sultaria's Thoughts

Basically a recipe I came up with today. This can also be used as frosting or mousse.

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You can always make a simple crust for this and use it as pie filling. It turned out tasting a little like nutella with banana in it. And, when frozen, it does have the consistency of fudge. If someone can find hazelnut butter, it would taste exactly like it without all the milk and preservatives.

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this looks like Nutella - an old favorite of mine (i could eat it right out of the jar!). I bet this would be awesome as a filling to some raw crepes!

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