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I took a small ONE coconut water(11 oz/330 ml) and poured it into a large cup. I threw in the remainder of my gogi berries(full handful) and let them soak overnight in the fridge and then blended it all up with some cinnamon(which tasted pretty good and I think could make a good base for fruit smoothies). I poured that into a bowl and added the rest of a bag of chia seeds(a little over 1/4 cup). Whisked it up, let it sit then mixed some more.

Half hour later I had a light slightly fruity chia pudding. It went well with strawberries for breakfast and thinking it will go well with bananas later.

I had been looking for chia pudding recipes that didn't have nut milks(my body has major issues with tree nuts is appears) and couldn't find many I liked so got tired of looking and made up my own. 25 hours later much thicker, but flavor more noticable now and still great mixed with fruit

Blueyz's Thoughts

By blueyz

Ever have those moments when you have a little of this and that and want to use things up so get inspired to make some unusial recipes, well I have them often and they often come out the best dishes. For lack of a better title I'm calling this a goji chia pudding

Tastewise this is good, looks...well chia pudding is always a blob, lol.

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