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mix in Vitamix until frothy - the tocos make a sweet latte-ish froth on top in any drink mixed in vitamix

Mish's Thoughts

By mish

This drink is like....uh, goes up to 11 (Spinal Tap reference :))

It really does taste like 11 levels and lifts me up to the 11th level. That is 1 more past 10!

And it is a great way to work in lemon with peel seeing what Gabriel Cousens recommends about having lemon in Courtney Pool's blog which I excerpted:

"1 lime or lemon per day, including the peel helps to dissolve bad calcification; more than that will take out good calcium"

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sorry there but i have lots of questions : a) what is toco and where will i get it, what is maca, merlin mix,

the immortals tea powder (is this chinese tea)

i dont know what all these ingredients are and where to get them...

could you please specify on these items

i will appreciate you replying as i am excited to try this

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