By The Rawtarian

Am I the only one who slams back a glass or two of fresh juice and promptly gets a stomach-ache? I don't think so! I get this awful pain in my gut that lasts about 30 minutes, and I'm normally such a healthy person. What's going on here?

I had to delve further to find out why, and what I could do about it. Because I sure didn't want to give up my juice. For my fellow sufferers, the good news is there are several things you can do to avoid this... yay!

Pain can be caused by:

Drinking too fast

A certain amount of air is swallowed whenever you eat or drink. If you drink too fast, you will swallow excess air. This creates extra gas in your system causing pain and possibly bloating, and even flatulence (yikes!).

Drinking too much at once

Simple system overload here: your body cannot digest all that juice quickly enough. It's the same as over-eating. You feel full and bloated, and you get a gut-ache!

Too much of a good thing

Juicing concentrates the natural sugars that are found in fruits and vegetables. Sugars (and other carbs) ferment in your gut and naturally create some gas as part of the digestive process. Concentrated sugars may cause gastro distress. Your body may not be able to cope with a pure juice, and it's letting you know.

Certain fruits & veggies

Fruits and veggies are undoubtedly good for you. But high-fiber fruits & veggies (apples and pears, cabbage, beets, carrot and kale) are often the culprits for causing gas. They are harder to digest, especially in large amounts.

Help is on the horizon!

What to do about it:

  • Sip slowly... relax!
  • Drink smaller amounts (I now avoid swigging TWO glasses of juice at once!).
  • Dilute (try 50% water for starters and go from there).
  • Avoid fruit/veg that cause you excess pain.

Drinking smaller amounts of juice more often through the day should help. Same with drinking slowly. Plus, I find that diluting my juice helps immensely. Not only do I tolerate it better, but it makes my juice go farther, as well!

If pain is an issue after you drink fresh juice, and you've tried the first 3 tips, you could try an elimination diet to find out what's causing you grief. It could be that you cannot tolerate one particular thing, especially in concentrated amounts. Through elimination, I discovered that beets are the source of my stomach pain.

The Rawtarian says:

The difference between medicine and poison is in the dose.

You know your body best. Listen to what it's saying. Take steps to eliminate issues - sip, reduce volume & dilute. See your doc if necessary.

After all, you want to be able to have your juice... and drink it, too!



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Thank you, this helped a lot!


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Thank you, this helped a lot!

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