Yummy sweets, they look like munchkins, hence the name.
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    It depends on how big you make them, but I'd say about 20 or so little munchkins.
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Put all the ingredients in a food processor and process. I used, I think, a small handful of walnuts. I think it was 1/2 a teaspoon or more cinnamon and maybe 1+ tsp cocoa powder. I honestly didn’t measure the coconut, I just opened the bag and poured it in… more than I had anticipated came out but it all worked out. :) The Sesame Tahini amount can be altered depending on how smooth you want the mix. When I first made it, it looked too chunky to me so I added some liquidy sesame tahini, but I’m not sure that was necassary. Also, the leftover almond pulp was an afterthought just cause I had it. I really didn’t put in more than a tablespoon size or so. Anyway, they came out tasting GREAT so I figured I’d just include all the ingredients that I used.

When all mixed up I rolled them into balls and coated some in the cocoa powder and others in the coconut. I like the coconut ones better becaus the cocoa is too strong tasting. Anyway, I’m not sure how raw this is cause I don’t know about cocoa powder? And I tried to find raw sesame tahini but I noticed that they never specified if its raw or not…

Anyway, feel free to mess around with the ingredient to see what works for you, but this mix tasted good to me! =)

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By Katie

Yummy sweets, they look like munchkins, hence the name.

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