this is a raw nut cheese with a pretty purplish hue. a little spin.
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soak the brazil nuts for an hour or so. blend all the ingredients until smooth and pasty, not runny nor chunky. mine was runny with just brazil nuts, so i added sunflower seeds until achieving the desired consistency. place the mixture into a cloth, tie it up and hang above a drip pan or sink for a few days. it will firm up and "age"; be sure that the surrounding temperature is moderate, say in the 70s or low 80s. you could also leave it as a saucy cheese if you would like. refrigerate it when its ready to your liking. this is just your basic nut cheese loaf recipe, but the added purple kraut juice gives it a fun color and adds to the probiotic content and flavor. have a good time, experiment!

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this is a raw nut cheese with a pretty purplish hue. a little spin.

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