Recipe Directions

3/4 cup Thai coconut water (crack open those coconuts!)
2-3 cloves fresh organic garlic
1/3 cup fresh squeezed organic lemon juice
1 cup raw organic pine nuts
1 cup fresh organic basil
2 tbspns organic cold-pressed olive oil
6-8 organic zuchini, peeled and cut like spaghetti noodles with a spirooli slicer!
1 organic tomato
note: the texture of the of the zucchini noodles improves when they are left to sit out in the open air at room temp for a couple hours.
in a food processor, combine all ingredients, xcept the zucchini pasta and blend until they are smooth. put the zucchini ina serving bowl, pour sauce over, mix well and SERVE!
this is RAWSOME!

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Looks delish. Man, I need to get a spiralizer. STAT.

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