Another successful impromptu creation!
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marinade mushrooms for a little while in a mixture of aminos, balsamic and water.

put everything (except the oil and the whole mushrooms) in a food proccesor and turn it on. add olive oil until it reaches a pesto-like consistency.

stuff the shroom caps and place them in a glass dish with the leftover marinade…dehydrate for about 3 hours at 130 degrees.

these are GREAT served with a lettuce and purple cabbage salad with some fresh tomatos, lemon juice, flax oil and pink salt.

ahhhhh… : )

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By rachle

Another successful impromptu creation!

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Great Great recipe ... I like you are using the stems! (most always discarded - for no good reason!)Rare to see fennel and kale needs to be in more recipes! Just finished the incred carrot soup by nanamensah - your Baby Portabello's ... I reserve for supper!

five stars are deserved here.

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