By The Rawtarian

Breakfast today:

  • Silky Green Smoothie
  • Raw Breakfast Cereal
  • Raw Cashew Milk

Does this breakfast sound like the best way to start your day or what?

Some days I can manage a smoothie AND cereal, other days just one or the other. Depends how busy my morning is going to be. I'll often nosh on the cereal at home, then bring the smoothie on the road with me. That way I know I can last until lunch time.

Raw Breakfast Cereal

This Raw Breakfast Cereal really hits the spot. It's chock full of healthy goodies like apple, pumpkin seeds, raisins, almonds, and more! This is a hearty cereal filled with carbs and protein to keep you going through the morning.

Pair it up with some homemade Raw Cashew Milk for optimum taste factor!

Raw Cashew Milk

I can hear you thinking, making a nut milk is too hard and time-consuming! No it ain't!  All you need is a blender! And cashews, of course, plus a couple other things. It's ridiculously easy and super delicious (fresh and cold = refreshing!).

Don't balk at the idea of making your own Raw Cashew Milk. Try it at least once with your cereal, just for me, m'kay?

Silky Green Smoothie

For me, breakfast almost always includes my fave Silky Green Smoothie. Green smoothies are as much a part of me as breathing! (what about you?)

Some of the ingredients in this smoothie: bananas, oranges, apple, & spinach. Talk about a glass full of green & fruity goodness!

Ready for the day...

After I fuel up on this hearty breakfast, I feel ready to tackle anything. Even if you aren't hungry, at least make the green smoothie. Your body (and your mind!) will thank you for it!











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Yes, yes, yes.... I'll take that breakfast. Especially with the heat wave we have here in Germany, the ice cold cashew milk ist appreciated ;-)

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Stay cool, Elisa! :)

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