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blend raspberries, half the apple, agave and lime juice until smooth.

wash and pat dry the kale, tear into large bite-sized pieces. dump half the dressing in a large ziploc bag, dump in the kale, then the rest of the dressing, strawberry slices and the chopped apple. toss to coat very well. let marinate/macerate a few hours or overnight for full flavor infusion and softening of the kale. you could add a little coconut oil as well but it will cloud up the bag in the fridge.

lay out on screen sheets in the dehydrator, and dry overnight. check in the morning that the kale is evenly dry and the fruit is nicely dry. turn over large pieces that may be damp, continue to dry until ready. enjoy!!

Noelleloveshoney's Thoughts

By noelleloveshoney

I eat tons of savory kale chips, and though that it would be fun to try one with dried fruit and kale. here it is! delish. my baby loves her "yummies" and i have to break them up for her. savory recipe coming soon, when i can stop eating them long enough to take a photo.

(i'm trying to get a pic up soon, sorry)

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i hope you like it! the purple curly kale was sweet and a little salty, so i think the green kale would be a little milder. the crunchy dried fruit bits really make it yum. enjoy!

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