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In this video, Laura-Jane The Rawtarian explains the #1 reason why you haven't started your journey to health yet. She also outlines how you can overcome this reason.

Video Transcript

Laura-Jane, The Rawtarian here, from and I wanted to talk about something very near and dear to my heart. The concept when it comes to healthy eating or exercise or any of these things that we want to improve about ourselves is the issue of “all or nothing” thinking. 

We could call it perfectionism. We could call it so many different things, but I know I struggle with it and I know you do too.

You maybe want to go raw or you want to go vegan or you want to make some kind of life change.

In my case, healthy eating is pretty easy. But for me, I struggle a lot with exercise. So when I talk about “all or nothing,” it may be the idea of well, I want to go raw but I’m too busy right now so I can’t go raw today. So I’m not going to think about it. I’m just going to park that idea and I’ll do it someday because I know it’s going to be great. Because we don’t want to start something until we’re ready, and we don’t want to start something until we know we can give it our all.

And there’s definitely a lot to be admired about that kind of feeling. I feel that way myself with exercise. I think well, I can’t commit to a really rigid exercise schedule now so I’m not going to bother. 

But what we need to realize is these big life changes, they’re all about the tiny, tiny increments. They’re not necessarily about going raw 100% overnight. It’s more about well, maybe today, I can have a little bit more or maybe today my life is crazy, but I can do a tiny thing that’s going to make a little bit of an impact. 

So we want to really stop from thinking like well, I want to go raw but I can’t right now to just think what can I do today, no matter what else is going on and it’s not going to be perfect. Even in my case, if it’s like dancing in the spot for 10 seconds or 2 seconds, or eating not even a whole apple, just a slice of an apple or something tiny. Because you know you’ve heard me talk a lot about creating healthy habits. It’s not so much about the huge changes. What it really is is about the tiny changes we do every single day.

Those are the things that make us who we are. Right? 

If you are eating or drinking a can of pop every single day—and I’m not saying you can’t do that—but what if you could substitute that? Just one change with instead of your can of pop, you could have an apple or something. And you’re going to see if you could make a tiny change every day a much bigger impact than, if say, on January 1st. You’re like I’m going to go raw and I’m going to do it all right now! And then you sort of crash after, you know, 4 hours or something like that. And we all want—we all, I think, we have a tendency to do a bit of both. So we sometimes push things off and we do make little steps every day. 

But the point of this video is to really encourage you not to think about going raw as a huge life change, although it can be, but I want you to think about not even so much going raw. I want you to just think about maybe I can make a raw recipe this weekend or I can dabble with raw. And that’s totally okay.

And in fact, if you could dabble with raw every day, I think you’d be on an amazing streak to completely change your life.

So I want you to stop thinking “all or nothing.” I want you to really get excited about making tiny steps every single day because over time, you’re going to be amazed at what happens. 

I’m Laura-Jane from and I’m really encouraging you. I’m a real person. I struggle too, and I wanted you to just start with one tiny thing today.


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