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Do you eat all raw? Or are you a little raw, a little not? Have you thought about it lately? A lot of folks try to start 100% raw, but take it from me, that's not always a good idea. Most people fall in between all-raw and not-at-all-raw. It's a rare person that doesn't eat some sort of raw food on a regular basis (even if just a banana now and then). And increasingly more people are becoming completely raw and/or vegan.

How do YOU rate? Maybe it's time to reassess your eating habits!

All raw, baby!

You're 100% raw and proud of it!

Simple definition of raw: eating nothing that has been heated over 115 degrees. By going all raw, you exclude meat, fish & eggs, dairy, and the big baddies: processed foods.

The raw food diet consists mainly of vegetables, fruits & berries, nuts & seeds, fermented & dehydrated foods, certain oils, spices, coconut, and sweeteners like agave syrup or dates (as organic as possible). As an all-raw afficiando, you've learned how to make smashing recipes (rather than exist on carrot sticks and lettuce - a big myth about raw foodists!). You've learned to balance your nutritional needs so that you don't feel hungry and that you are getting enough nutrients.

Raw food isn't just about food for you: it's a way of life!

Mostly raw, and also vegan

Vegans avoid eating any animal product. You eat mostly raw food, but you'll also occasionally eat cooked (like steamed veggies and rice). While "regular" vegans don't eat meat or fish, "ethical" vegans also promote the humane treatment of animals. They avoid eating/using any animal product or by-product, including eggs, honey and leather.

As a raw vegan, you eat a healthy varied diet. You avoid processed & sugary foods.

Somewhat raw, and somewhat vegan

Eating healthy is always on your radar but you're not die-hard about it. You'll most definitely nosh on a burger when the mood strikes! And you eat meat and fish and eggs. As a rule, you are aware of what is good for you and what is not. And you do try to eat your daily ration of fruit and veggies...

But you're also happy to chow down on roast turkey on special holidays, or share a hot fudge sundae with your BFF!

The Rawtarian says:A question to ask yourself, "How can I make myself a little bit healthier today?"

Dreaming of being a raw vegan...

You'd like to eat more raw, and make better food choices. And you try! But it isn't that simple! You're not quite there yet - your life (family, work, health, kids, travel) makes going raw and/or vegan impractical at this point.

And that's okay! Even just upping your raw fruits and veggies every day is good practice. Don't let that bag of apples in your fridge go to waste. Eat one right now!

Raw? What's that?

If fruits, veggies and other raw & healthy foods don't appear on your grocery list, this is you. And you don't care! But wait... Are you googling raw recipes & lurking about on raw websites? You must be, or you wouldn't be reading this. Busted!

Since you're here, why don't you take a peek... Raw Food Recipes For Beginners.


Raw? Not raw? A bit of both? Should I have that piece of fudge? As you can see, everyone is different. No one way is right or wrong (although NOT eating any fruit or veggies ever can't be a good thing!). What I mean is you can eat meat or wheat, and still be healthy. Some folks avoid certain foods because of allergies (like gluten or eggs). Others because of personal ethics. Others eat a certain way to lose weight or to recuperate after an illness.

Are you any or none of the above? Wherever you are, share your thoughts and reasons for eating the way you do!


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I am transitioning to a all raw food diet,thank you ,i feel alot better. God bless

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Amazing Tonya! Congratulations, and let me know if there's anything I can do to help you on your journey :)

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