By The Rawtarian

Have you been contemplating going raw? Do you spend hours browsing raw recipes, but never seem to make that shopping list? Do you tell yourself, “I’ll start next week”? Or you think, “When I eat up all the other food in the house…”? Maybe you say, “When I can afford all the kitchen appliances, then I’ll start.”

I know firsthand starting something new can be challenging and a bit overwhelming, but starting a raw food lifestyle is a change you won’t regret. The health benefits are so worth it and it’s easier than you think!

And you don't have to do it all right now. You don't have to go raw overnight. It all start with the next bite. Can you try a raw meal for your next meal? Or your next dessert?

If you’ve been a long time “meats and sweets” kind of person, you may want to ease your way into it. Just start with one raw meal a day. Perhaps add a delicious green smoothie to your morning routine. You’ll start feeling the difference right away. Soon your body will start craving the good stuff and you’ll find yourself reaching for a piece of fruit instead of a bag of chips (unless they’re dehydrated kale chips, of course).

You don’t even need any special appliances to get started. There are several delicious recipes that don’t require any equipment at all. They do make it more fun though! Start with a basic blender and work your way up to the big stuff. However, you may find when you aren’t spending money on meat, processed food and at the drive thru, there might be a little more in the budget for those kitchen gadgets than you realize!

Which one will you choose?

So go ahead, grab a pen and paper and start making that grocery list or better yet, download one of my helpful apps and get started today. Your body will thank you!

You will feel amazing. Eating raw increases energy, clears up skin, helps you sleep better, promotes weight loss and reduces the risk of disease. It’s even thought to slow the aging process. That should be enough motivation to give it a try. You can do it! 

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