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Slice the zucchini with peeler and place on a kitchen towel to absorb the water.

Save the middle of zuchini to dehydrate. I made them into little matchsticks and they came out like those little straight pretzels- no salt needed!

I blended everything together nuts, cherries and dates and rolled the mixture in 3 inch sections of zuchini. I dehydrated them over night but they may only need a few hours.

Also, they may be prettier if you blend macadamias, etc separately and layer in rolls. So you get the white, pink, caramel (date) contrast.

Mine were really dry so you may want to roll in coconut or sesame seeds before you dehydrate. They can be taken as power bars or dressed up with raw ice cream, berries or date sauce.

I was also going to try a savory egg roll version of this!

Writeeternity's Thoughts

By writeeternity

Sweet little rolls for breakfast or dessert. Roll in coconut or top with fruit sauce.

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Another creative invention, writeeternity. I never would've thought to combine sweet flavors with zucchini. How cool. :o)

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