Recipe Directions

1. Over a bain marie, liquefy coconut butter.

2. Divide dried fruit, bee pollen, and chocolate pieces between prepared mold or individual small shaped molds.

3. Add powdered vanilla and pour into molds. Refrigerate to solidify.

4. To make the dark ones, add the chocolate chips or chopped chocolate and the spices to the melted coconut butter. Pour into molds alone or over dried fruits. Refrigerate to solidify.

Noelleloveshoney's Thoughts

By noelleloveshoney

I found a whole jar of tropical traditions coconut cream in my pantry and was in the mood for something special.

This recipe was inspired by Vivapura's website recipe for white bark.

They're not too sweet, so you could add more powdered sweetener but I don't think I'd use agave because the coconut butter may seize when you mix it in. I didn't try it.

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Love your inspirations, noelleloveshoney! :)

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