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When you open your young coconuts to get your water, half the coconut shell and keep them in frig to let the meat “dry” out a little bit. (you could use mature coconut meat to but the strips would turn out a little toughier to chew).

When the meat is a little firmer and dried a bit, try to scrape it off in a full pieces so you can cut it into strips. Or cut it into strips while you remove the meat.

Make marinate. Take a bit of the top part of the fennel plant. (I used about a handfull – it depends how many strips you have) Put in the blender with a bit of water and several tablespoons of agave (enough to make it sweet). Marinate should be liquidy and cover the strips.

Marinate strips in the fennel marinate. (I poked a few holes in the strips so the marinate would soak in). I marinated overnight in the frig.

Put strips on dehydrator sheets. Don’t throw out that fennel marinate!

Make a “glaze”. In a bowl, use enough agave to “brush” all your strips with a coating. To the agave in the bowl, add some of the fennel marinate. Keep this mixture syrupy. Coat your strips on the dehydrator sheet.

Dehydrate for about 6 to 8 hours or until coating has hardened a bit.

Strips will be a bit sticky but chewy like a candy.

They should bit sweet and taste like licorice or anise candy.

Like I said before this was totally new thing I tried. I am going to improve it in the future. But a nice sub if you miss licorice or anise candy!

I will have a picture up later. :)

Queenfluff's Thoughts

By queenfluff

This was experiment I did this week to try to make raw licorice. My bf has been picking alot of wild fennel lately and everyone who tries it comments on how it tastes like licorice – so, I thought – hmmm, maybe I can make raw licorice!

Anyhow, it isn’t perfectly like licorice but it turned out pretty good. It sort of turned out to be the consistentency of gummy bears in my opinion. I didn’t really take any measurments of the ingredients since I made it up on the fly but I’ll try to approximate. It’s a work in progress!

NOTE: This recipe is for home use only. My bf and I sell this for our raw food home business so this is not for commerical sale use! Please respect that! ;)

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I bet you could make Strawberry flavored like Twizzlers :) Just juice some strawberries and mix with agave and make the same type of glaze... I'll have to try it next time i can find fresh young coconuts. Great idea!!!!

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I can't wait to try this!! Thanks!!

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