Recipe Directions

Blend 3\4 of corn with next 4 ingredients in blender or food processor. Add remaining corn, a squirt of lime, salt, pepper, garlic and cayenne to taste and cilantro- Mix and spoon into small cups or ring molds and dehydrate for 4 hours.

Add mushrooms and ingredients below and put on dehydrator sheet for 1 to two hours.

Blend portobello mushrooms with ingredients below- olive oil, tarragon, and black pepper til smooth.

Spoon corn mixture onto plate, top with mushrooms and mushroom gravy. Enjoy!

In the backgound are sprouted black beans with corn and red onions marinated in olive oil and lime juice. (There is a little more to this recipe in their book but this is the just of it)

Writeeternity's Thoughts

By writeeternity

This is a very substantial dinner. This recipe was inspired from a recipe from the book, “Raw” by Trotter and Klein. This is the favorite recipe of my boyfriend so far. He added some hot peppers to the top.

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We this looks fab! im gonna play with it for corn bread, my sprouted corn bread was a bust , but this, ah nuts( i can do nuts!)

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