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This is the very basic recipe. I’ve done many things with it. Bananas work well in here too. Sometimes i add more flax.. and experimenting with other fruit is always fun. You can also make it a little thicker and have it as pudding rather than a smoothie. It may not be absolutely necessary to soak the figs, but i’ve found it’s a little easier on the food processor. I have tried it with fresh figs.. but it just doesn’t have the same taste. I personally use black mission figs almost every time.
1.] Put figs & a little of the fig water in food processor. puree.
2.] Add almond milk.. then flax.. then whatever else you want in. Puree again
I’ve also had this poured on top of banana slices with raisins and other stuff. heh, it’s pretty versatile!

Mango woman's Thoughts

Figs! Yummmm

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figs rock my world... i hadn't thought of this yet... thanks for the recipe!

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this sounds so good im gonna try it this week end. never thought of making a smoothie with figs thank you

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