Recipe Directions

• Measure out half of the buckwheaties (150g/5¼oz) and place them into a mixing bowl.
• Using a processor, grind the other half of the buckwheaties to fine flour. Add them to the mixing bowl.
• Add the dried ginger and cinnamon to the buckwheaties, along with the raisins (making sure they are separated). Mix these dry ingredients well.
• Break the banana into pieces and process it until it is liquid.
• Peel and chop the ginger then core and dice the apple. Add both to the banana liquid in the processor. Process until smooth and well-combined.
• Combine the liquid with the dry ingredients in the mixing bowl until you have a thick, sticky cookie like dough.
• Using a dessertspoon scoop up about a 1/6th of the mixture. Form this into a ball-shape, using the sides of the bowl to help.
• Place the ball of dough onto the paraflex sheet of your dehydrator and, using the back of the spoon, gently pat it down to form a round cookie shape that is about 1 cm deep and 11cm across.
• Repeat until all the mixture is used, then dust the cookies lightly with cinnamon.
• Dehydrate at 41C/105F for 12 hours. Then turn them – removing the paraflex. Dehydrate for further 6 hours.

Pathlesstrodden's Thoughts

I came up with these cookies as I fancied something zingy and crunchy – they are the raw equivalent of ginger snaps! They’re extra special because of the natural ingredients in them – no sweetener, no dates – it’s the apple and raisin that gives them their yummy sweetness…AND they are completely without fat! Visit my site for more recipes

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Great Idea!!
Thank you

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Thanks Mrs G - hope you enjoy the cookies, the crunch they give is really yummy!

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Gorawonabudget's Review

Giant Ginger Cookies
5 out of 5

Apple and cinnamon are one of my favorite flavor combo's! I will let you know how this recipe turns out. Just read your 'hyper mobility' page, I feel ya! You've made such a transformation. Wonderful to see. "n_n"
Mrs. G.

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