Recipe Directions

strain and rinse soaked buckwheat groats. they should be relatively easy to break apart with your fingers.
STEP ONE: place 1/2 of apple, buckwheat, and sea salt in food processor. blend and slowly add water, just enough to blend, not so it gets soupy (about 1/4 cup). clear the sides with a spoon and continue blending. stop. keep it there.
STEP TWO: (i use a magic bullet for this next step, but if you don’t have a small blender, simply do stage 2 before stage 1 in your food processor, set mixture aside, and do the buckwheat mixture next.)
blend dates, cinnamon, ginger, and mint with a little water, to make a syrup.
add half the syrup to the food processor batch. blend in food food processor briefly.
STEP THREE: assemble
pour the buckwheat cereal into a bowl. drizzle syrup over.
you can top with fresh fruit, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and extra mint leaves.
bon appetit. =)

Pianissima's Thoughts

simple faux-oatmeal recipe. great for sunday brunch, or mornings you need more than fruit.

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you can actually even soak it for less. buckwheat takes no time at all to soften.

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Only 30 minutes of soaking? I've got to try this, this looks and sounds great! ;d

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